Is Virginia Purple?

In 2008, for the first time since 1964, Virginia was carried by a Democratic presidential candidate. Many commentators heralded the vote for Obama as a historic shift, marking Virginia as a “blue” state.

This year, Virginia elects its governor, and most polls show Bob McDonnell, the Republican, with a clear lead. What changed?

Through Obama’s first nine months, Virginians, and indeed all Americans, have had an opportunity to really see and understand the hyper-liberal Obama program. This year’s election in Virginia is a referendum on that program.

In 2009, Virginians have watched giant sums of money spent on pork-barrel programs under the guise of “economic stimulus.” AIG and large investment banks have been bailed out. Auto manufacturers have been financed by taxpayer money in return for unprecedented interference by the government. Liberals seek to nationalize health care, with no clear idea about how to finance universal health benefits without higher taxes and even fines and penalties for non-cooperation. “Cap and trade” legislation, if enacted, will place American industry at a disadvantage against overseas competitors, while air pollution from emerging countries goes unabated.

The 2010 federal budget of $3.6 trillion carries a deficit of $1.8 trillion, about 50% of the planned spending under the budget. The ten year deficit is projected at $10 trillion, or more. This program — sought by Obama and enacted by his Congressional allies — comes at a time of maximum financial stress in America. The national unemployment rate is nearly 10% and much higher in some states . People can’t get jobs. Involuntary part-timers aren’t even counted in the unemployment figures. People struggling to maintain their way of life after a lifetime of work see higher taxes and inflation coming down the road.

Young people, who were enamored by Obama’s youth and opposition to Bush, are beginning to realize that they will have to pay the giant deficits. They now know the difficulty in finding jobs, know they will pay the higher taxes, and will experience a reduced standard of living.

Young Virginians, and young Americans see how hemmed in they will be in the new “changed” America. Young people starting out know that financial independence is liberty, and there will be a lot less liberty to go around in Obama’s America.

Perhaps this is why Bob McDonnell, the Republican, continues to lead in Virginia. McDonnell’s focuses on jobs while his Democratic opponent proposes more tax increases.

Regardless of how the 2009 elections play out, I urge a positive program to revive our country. We have to put more money into the pockets of our citizens whether they are buying houses, food, cars or education. People must be enabled to take care of themselves. Taxes must be lowered, not raised, to get the economy moving. Liberals believe higher taxes are the answer. But when people are all out of money, what will there be left to tax? The only way out of this hole is to build on the drive, ambition and aspirations of the American people.

We must have a new emphasis on job creation to fulfill those aspirations. It may be more efficient to export jobs, but no one was demanding efficiency when the Wall Street banks were being bailed out with borrowed money. It is time to ask whether our economy produces enough jobs and the right kind of jobs to give every American a chance to secure financial independence.

It is time to find a new approach to control government spending because the enablement of the citizen is not possible while government gobbles up increasing amounts of the nation’s wealth. We need to emphasize education, and align it with the new economy to make sure our students are equipped to succeed in the modern World.

This is the new optimistic agenda for the nation, but President Obama and his allies in Congress seek to take us in the exact reverse direction. Virginians and all Americans are now seeing through the glass clearly, and see what must be done.

The Virginia governor’s race is a moment to tell American that the future can still be bright and free. It is premature to call Virginia a “blue” state. It is too soon to label America a “blue” nation. In a larger sense it’s not about being blue or red, but about the duty of all of us to offer a future where citizens can be independent, prosperous, enabled and truly free.