Peanut Farmer Allergies

Jimmy Carter is either a racist or an idiot or both.  Probably both, tinged with a little senility.

Carter recently made the statement that he believes racism is at the core of the angst by those who are protesting Barry O’s policies and programs.
Schindler’s list was probably racist too. Bad deal, criticizing the naked Emperor like that.

With beliefs and statements such as these, one has to wonder if Jimmy Boy still lusts after other women or if Rosslyn has finally tamed the beast.

When the left-wing moonbats and their toxic, dopey, hippie-inspired ideas are cornered and exposed, they will often revert to hollow and tired charges of racism in hopes of deflecting the blazing light of truth.  These are the actions of a racist.  What say you, Peanut Boy?

The Democrats know that without the support of black Americans their political party is doomed –a t least until they can addict the immigrants who have arrived over our southern border. Get them dependent on Fedzilla handouts, and the Democrats believe they can own their votes.

Meanwhile, the condition of black America continues to erode because our government keeps it so. How sad. How totally unnecessary.

But this is the heavy toll of genuflecting at the altar of Fedzilla for the past 50 years.  Fedzilla is a beast that destroys communities, economies, governments, individuals, and — most importantly — families and will destroy your health care if given the opportunity.

Many of America’s largest cities have been controlled by the Democrats for decades and now lay in ruins.  Look at the condition of cities such as my beloved hometown Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis and so many others. Our cities are sometimes as violent as what many of our soldiers face in war.  

Industry and jobs have moved to the suburbs for any number of reasons. And our fearless leader is using the most devastated cities in America as models for his hope and change. Phenomenally stupid.

Of course, reasonably intelligent Americans of all ethnicities and economic standings understand the most basic of political truisms: that more government is a rancid, public cancer. This is why Barry O’s anti-American policies and programs have met such heavy flak by freedom-loving Americans who still believe in our constitution and limited government.  Come on, 2010. Bring it.

Barry O would be wise to study Jimmy Boy’s presidency.  Jimmy Boy did his best to destroy America’s economy when he was president, which is why America overwhelmingly kicked him out of office after four years of double-digit interest rates and a strangling inflation.

It makes no difference to me the color of Barry O’s skin.  What matters are the core beliefs, principles and ideologies that guide a person.  And what matters to Barry O is his addiction to more unaccountable, destructive and ineffective government.

Knowing that Barry O’s programs and poll numbers are quickly slipping into the basement, the Democrats trotted out Jimmy Boy to claim those who oppose Barry O’s policies and programs are racists. Barry O’s team then immediately claimed that racism is not the reason for the opposition.  Jimmy Boy does his best to pander to blacks in hopes that he can shore up their support for Barry O’s destructo policies while Barry and crew down play the race card to show white America that race supposedly does not matter to him.  A transparent, racist political tactic if ever there was one.
Right on schedule for the Saul Alinsky destructo derby.

Institutional racism is dead in America.  Dead. Gone. Over. Done. Race baiters such as
Jessie Jacksunnnn and Al Not-So-Sharpton do their best to fan dying embers of racism in order to enrich themselves, but virtually no one else cares about the color of one’s skin, especially conservatives.

Conservatives are the least racist people in America.  We want all people to achieve their American dream and sincerely believe they can with their God-given talents unencumbered by the heavy hand of Fedzilla.  We don’t care about the color of one’s skin or origin but rather focus on a person’s unique talents, skills and abilities. Only stoned hippies, senile peanut farmers and those who believe government is the heart beat of America find fault with that.

You don’t need to be an historian to see who the real racists are in America.  Jimmy Boy, Barry O and others have been destroying black America for decades for their votes.  That’s the ugliest side of racism.