BREAKING: Bond Withdraws From SSCI Investigation

The only hope for an impartial investigation into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” effectively crashed to a halt today.

The ranking Republican on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence — Sen. Christopher Bond (R-Mo.) — announced he was ending his participation in the investigation because the committee could no longer obtain the testimony or cooperation of the CIA interrogators because they are under the threat of prosecution in Holder’s investigation.  

Bond said, “Had Mr. Holder honored the pledge made by the President to look forward not backwards, we would still be active participants in the Committee’s review.  Instead, DoJ sent a loud and clear message that previous decisions to decline prosecution mean nothing and old criminal charges can be brought anytime against anyone — against these odds, what current or former CIA employee would be willing to gamble his freedom by answering the Committee’s questions?   

“Indeed, forcing these terror fighters to make this choice is neither fair nor just.  The Committee cannot complete its review in a reasonable time if witnesses won’t talk to us.  While there is value to learning from past experiences, there are other areas in need of current congressional oversight, including the war in Afghanistan, Iran’s intentions with respect to ballistic missiles, and expiring FISA terror fighting tools.  The Committee cannot give these matters sufficient attention if we are spinning our wheels in an endless document review.”

This is a direct result of Holder’s decision — recently confirmed by President Obama — to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA interrogations. Bond’s action is entirely well-founded. How can he legitimate (by his participation) in an investigation that cannot reach the facts?

The Pelosi-Obama-Holder war on our intelligence agencies suffered a small defeat today.