Conservative Event for McDonnell Successful

Virginia Conservative Campaign Fund (VCCF) board member and Chairman of Eagle Publishing Tom Phillips and his wife, Randall, opened their McLean, Va., home on September 23 to host a fundraiser for Republican Candidates for Governor Bob McDonnell, Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling and Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli.

This isn’t the first time the Phillips’ have hosted a fundraiser with the Virginia Conservative Campaign Fund, all have been successful but “this one went over the top — we surpassed our goal,” said Phillips.

“We love being Virginians and we love that its one of the last states were you can truly give to candidates and not be penalized for wanting to support your candidates, so we are honored to do whatever we can to help, and to try and encourage people to get out and not only vote but also and encourage people to support as much as they can,” said Randall.

VCCF Honorary Chairman (and popular Fox News contributor Kate Obenshain) joined former Virginia Gov. George Allen, and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson in welcoming the candidates and the approximately 75 guests who attended.

“Where are the leadership and best idea’s going to come from? Certainly not Washington,” said Allen. “Their as clueless as a hog looking at a Timex watch, that’s why you see people so energized at town hall meetings and tea parties, and then you look at Bob McDonnell — a good, decent person of integrity — and you know that [this election] will send a message that will be noticed all over the world”

Cuccinelli noted that he is down $850,000 from his opponent. “I’m up in the polls but not by a ton; we have a lot of work to do. My opponent just went up on the air yesterday and we don’t have the money to go up as early as he does, so we are really reliant on the grass roots that have always carried up in every race.”

“I’ve been out spent in all my races, run them all on solid conservative principles, and people who share them come out and help us get over the top,” Cuccenelli told HUMAN EVENTS.

Bolling said their opponents are “running campaigns that try to tear people down by talking about 20 year old college term papers, and social issues that they think can divide us as oppose to unite us…”  “The people of Virginia are tired of the negative partisan politics of the past,” said Bolling.

The event marked the first time through out the campaign that all three candidates have spent the evening together in one place. “If we could raise this much money, we would do it every Wednesday,” joked Cuccinelli.

McDonnell told HUMAN EVENTS “People care about jobs, the economy, fiscal conservatism and they see what’s happening in Washington and know we need to run things better in Virginia.”

“With 40 days to go, the enthusiasm on the ground with our grassroots effort is better than I’ve seen since George Allen ran,” said McDonnell. “A year ago the Democrats had the intensity and the enthusiasm but in just 10 months it’s completely different.”

McDonnell told HUMAN EVENTS that all the major endorsements are coming his way and they are going to have two more big ones in the next two days that will be helpful and other one that’s going to be “very interesting” tomorrow.

VCCF concluded the event with a live auction, of which proceeds also went to the candidates.

“We believe in the principles that [McDonnell] espouses. We think he will be a good governor and we think we need a change here in Virginia,” said Phillips.

(For more information or to make a donation visit or call VCCF at (703) 945-1360.)