The Stakes in Honduras

“That Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing!” snapped Honduran foreign minister Enrique Ortez on July, 4. “He doesn’t know anything about anything!” continued Ortez. “He probably can’t even find Tegucigalpa on a map.”

The Obama administration was then (as now) denouncing the democratic Honduran government’s actions to uphold their constitution and thwart creation of a Chavez/Castro client narco-state. In late June, after he trashed democratic Honduras’ constitution repeatedly, that nation’s Supreme Court voted unanimously to oust serial outlaw Manuel Zelaya. The Honduran legislature voted 125- 5 for same. The five contrarian legislators belong to Honduras’ Communist party, long known as dutiful water-carriers for papa Fidel.

The U.S. State Department promptly fell in line with the five card-carrying Honduran Communists "We don’t recognize Roberto Micheletti as the president of Honduras,” declared State Dept. spokesman Ian Kelly. “We recognize Manuel Zelaya.”

The Honduran minister, Mr Ortez, knew full-well what had been at stake. Zelaya (on the day before his legal ouster) led a Chavez-funded mob to break into an army barracks to steal Chavez-supplied ballots for an illegal referendum.  Ortez also knew  the meticulously legal procedure his countrymen had followed and was blowing his cool at the official U.S. position, quite understandably, if also quite undiplomatically.

The Honduran constitution mandated that the nation’s President of Congress, Roberto Micheletti replace the serial outlaw, Zelaya. One of President Micheletti’s first official acts was to fire minister Ortez for his insulting comments regarding the U.S. president, though the de-jure President knew full well how his nation’s legal machinery had functioned in the nick of time to save both his nation’s and the U.S.’ interests by ousting Zelaya.

The Clinton State department showed its gratitude by cutting millions in aid for Honduras, cutting visa services for her citizens and by yanking de-jure President Micheletti’s own U.S. visa on Sept. 11.

As of today, it’s probably easier for a Cuban DGI (Castro’s KGB-trained secret police) to travel to Washington than for a Honduran textile salesman to visit New Orleans for a convention.

In a further show of solidarity with Hugo Chavez, the Castro brothers and Daniel Ortega, the Obama administration has already declared that it will refuse to recognize the Honduran Presidential elections scheduled for Nov. 29, to which Honduras has invited international observers.

"We have seen Raul Castro’s comments and we welcome his overture,” declared Secretary of State Clinton this past April. “We are taking a very serious look at it. We are continuing to look for productive ways forward (on relations with Cuba)…Engagement is a useful tool to advance our national interests."

If only de-jure President Micheletti would have sent Zelaya to the firing squad, along with every Honduran who looked at him cross-eyed, perhaps the U.S. State Department would treat him with the same deference they treat the Castros.

The vast majority of Honduran citizens are rallying around their fully-constitutional government. Last month during a week-long visit to Honduras, your humble servant found himself amidst these tens of thousands of Hondurans showing support for Zelay’s ouster. But you will search the MSM in utter, utter vain for any hint of these demonstrations, attended by several hundred thousand Hondurans, and where a very common placard read: “CNN Why Don’t you Show This!” ( I suspect that regarding press coverage, after this week-end many American Tea-Partiers can relate to those Honduran Tea-Partyers,)

But let two dozen Zelaya (paid) backers burn some tires and it’s ALL OVER the international news.

The U.S.’ most important military base in the Western hemisphere is in Palmerola, Honduras. Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro (and especially) Sandinista Daniel Ortega in next-door Nicaragua, find this state of affairs highly discomfiting.

“We’re convinced that Zelaya was scheming to turn your military base over to Chavez,” disclosed Honduran government officials to this writer, during a recent two-hour interview/confab that included de-jure President Micheletti. “We started getting suspicious when suddenly last year, out of the blue, Zelaya declared that Honduras desperately needed another International airport.”

“WHAT?! all us legislators asked ourselves, while looking at each other wide-eyed? Honduras airports are perfectly adequate for our needs — and everyone knows that..?.”
“That U.S. base in Palmerola would make a great location for that airport” Zelaya continued. “And Venezuela has promised to finance the project.”

“ Whoops!” we all said. Then we started inquiring more closely, and got to the bottom of this scheme. Zelaya, we finally concluded, planned to boot out the U.S. military (under that airport pretext) and convert this base, essentially, into a way-station for Chavez-FARC drug shipments to the U.S.”

14 Venezuelan-registered planes crashed in Honduras during the past 18 months, all carried cocaine, or traces of the substance when located. Since Zelaya’s ouster not one such plane has been discovered. (Note: these are just the planes that crashed. Imagine the overall traffic Zelaya was facilitating through Honduras for his sugar-daddy, Hugo Chavez.)

Given a free hand to investigate since Zelaya’s constitutional ouster, Honduran authorities have discovered 9 clandestine airstrips in remote portions of the nation.

“I’ve always been a friend and great admirer of the United States. No legally elected President of Honduras will give the U.S. base in Honduras to Chavez, who is so closely allied with the soon-to-be nuclear-armed Iranian regime.” (Roberto Micheletti July, 2009 to this writer.)

This is the man our State Department is scheming, hand in hand with the above narco-despots, Stalinists and and mass-murderers, to depose.