Pro-Life Leaders 'Call Out' The President

Pro-life leaders “called out” the President yesterday on assertions he made during the latest rendition of his health care plan.  

Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), co-chairman of the bipartisan House Pro-Life Caucus, and Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) hosted the national leaders to elaborate on fabrications put forth by the President.

In his speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, Obama claimed, “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”

“President Obama must be held accountable for his words,” Smith said.  “If he intends to support the pro-life amendments that have thus far been deleted by pro-abortion members of his party, we welcome that.  But the truth is that he seeks to cover up his intention to use the government-run public plan to send checks from the U.S. treasury to abortionists around the country.  And, use government subsidies to pay for health care plans that cover abortion.”

“There was an implicit recognition by the President last night that Americans reject public funding for abortion, and that Americans do not want to be complicit in the dismemberment or clinical poisoning of unborn children and the wounding of their mothers,” Smith added.  “Killing human babies by abortion is not health care.  Publicly funding and facilitating abortion can in no way be construed as health care reform.”

Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the largest pro-life group in the country, was also on hand to highlight some of the blaring deceptions perpetrated by the President.  

“Barack Obama needs to learn that the mere repetition of a verbal formula does not change reality,” Johnson said.  “The reality is that the Obama-backed House bill would explicitly authorize the federal government insurance plan to pay for elective abortions and would explicitly authorize subsidies for private abortion insurance — and all with federal dollars, which are the only kind of dollars that the federal government can spend.”

On Tuesday, the NRLC released definitive memoranda  “demonstrating that (1) the “Hyde Amendment” would not apply to the new programs that would be created by the Obama-backed health bill, H.R. 3200, and (2) that all of the funds that would be spent on elective abortions under the bill, and all of the funds that would be spent to subsidize private insurance plans that cover abortion, would be ‘federal funds’ in both the legal sense and in the sense in which those terms are used throughout the government.”

This information only shores up the sentiments expressed by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) in his spontaneous remarks from the House floor during the speech.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, a group dedicated to activating more pro-life women in the political and legislative arenas, unveiled the results of their new poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies.

Key findings of the poll include:

•    The Inclusion of Government Funded Abortions in the President’s Health Care Reform Plan Turns Off Five Times More Voters Than it Gains.  More than four-in-ten voters (43%) say they would be less likely to support the president’s proposed health plan if the government pays for abortions.  Intensity is strong, with over one-third (36%) of voters saying they would be much less likely to support the plan.  Forty-six percent (46%) say it would make no difference to their support for the president’s plan.  Only 8% say it would make them more likely to support the plan.
•     58% of Americans disagree with the statement, “If the government is going to make a public health plan available for all Americans it has an obligation to provide abortion services under that plan.”
•     55% of Americans agree with the statement, “Whatever my opinion on the issue, I think it would be wrong for the government to pay for abortions.”
•    52% of Americans agree with the statement, “I do not want the government to help fund health care plans that fund abortions.”
•    Among Democrats who are concerned about the inclusion of abortion in healthcare, 2 to 1 disapprove of abortion funding in health care.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of Democrats are less likely to support the president’s plan if it contains abortion funding.  Less than half that number (12%) more likely to support the president’s plan if it contains abortion funding.

“The bottom line is this: including government funds for abortion on-demand in health care reform is unappealing to American voters nationwide, women and men alike,” Dannenfelser said. “This may be surprising to elites, but it is not to the rest of America.  Americans realize pro-abortion feminists have dramatically overrepresented a minority position, misstating the centrality and ‘need’ for abortion on-demand.”  

“If the Congressional leadership and the President fall on the sword of abortion coverage, pleasing their allies and weaving it into the fabric of our daily lives, they do so at the peril of the entire bill and their own political futures,” Dannenfelser continued.  “Today’s polling data offers the latest compelling reason for Congress to reject the President’s health care proposal without authentic language to exclude abortion funding.”

The Senate is slated to begin the markup of their second version of a health care bill, this one out of the Senate Finance Committee, sometime next week.  Stay tuned.

9-12 Project on D.C. and Nationwide on Saturday

Fox News and nationally syndicated radio talk show phenomenon Glenn Beck hosts his nationwide 9-12 Project event live from the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., on the Fox News Channel from 1-3 pm on Saturday, September 12th.  The event is billed as the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives in history.  Tens of thousands of people are expected as the Tea Party Express and grassroots conservatives nationwide are traveling to Washington for events over the weekend, including events honoring those who lost their lives in radical Islamist terrorist attacks on this country eight years ago today.

The main event takes place on the West Capitol Steps in Washington with corresponding tea party events around the country.  Check the 9-12 Project website for more information.

HUMAN EVENTS will be on the scene and bring you a full report on Monday.