Transparent Frauds

There is nothing transparent in Washington, D.C. And a lot of people work really hard to make sure of that.

The illogical and burdensome laws and regulations produced by the lawyercrats in D.C. are purposefully written to confuse ordinary Americans just so we can’t understand what the lawyercrats are doing to us.

Try to read and understand what the House’s 1000-page health care bill does to your family’s healthcare. You can read until your eyes pop out and you won’t understand it. Neither can the members of Congress who are out there telling you how wonderful it is. (They won’t even bother to read it.) No one knows what the whole thing does or what it costs. Because it’s impossible to understand.

The only people who really know anything about what’s in it are the liberal pressure groups who know just where their sweetheart deals are buried. They know where to find those, at least.

The health care bill, like its ugly, wart-nosed sister — the U.S. tax code — is written in lawyercrat language that obfuscates the effect and purpose — in short the truth — of what’s being done. And this is transparency?

No one knows what to believe regarding the health care bill. What reasonable Americans do know is that placing our trust in Fedzilla is and always has been asking for trouble.

Both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the lack of transparency. Both political raiding parties have mastered the ugly art of writing in lawyerglyphics for the very purpose that we don’t have transparency.

1000 pages of health care lawyerglyphics that 99% of the American public would find impossible to comprehend is the polar opposite of transparency. If we can’t understand the lawyerglyphics and know that politicians speak with a forked tongue, we have an obligation to not trust anything the Fedzillacrats write or say.

Ordinary Americans have every right to show up at town hall meetings and show our disgust, frustration, anger, and suspicion. Quite honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for our anger to boil over. Boil on over, America. It is time.

Rank and file Americans know that the Fedzillacrats, K Street crooks and lawyercrats have raped Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and royally screwed up the country. They are to blame. They are the problem. They are liars, deceivers and crooks.

I heard a poll just today that 70% of Americans do not trust Congress. That’s good news. Let’s hope that number climbs to 75% next week.

You’re damn right we have a right to be angry and suspicious of anything that comes out of D.C., especially a 1,000 + page health care bill and a multi-billion dollar stimulus bill that hasn’t stimulated anything except distrust in our elected officials.

Think of that — over 1,000 pages of who knows what to supposedly describe how we will provide health care for 45 million Americans, many of whom could afford to purchase health care insurance if they chose.

Fedzilla never lets fact, truth or objectivity get in its way. Political agenda and power is more important to the bandits in D.C. than doing what is best for America. If the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wanted to look for the most endangered species in America, they might want to start in D.C. and search for statesmen or transparency. Sadly, I believe
both have long been extinct.

Our constitution is roughly 4,400 words long and quite easy to read. The health care bill is hundreds of thousands of words long and impossible to read. I hope this adds fuel to your anger fire and turns it into a raging inferno. We the people must exercise our will now more than ever.

As an independent fiscal conservative, the Republicans in D.C. had better not believe that just because they oppose the tag team triple threat of Obama, Reid and Pelosi that they will have earned my respect and trust in 2010 and beyond. That would be a huge mistake.

A transparent place to begin to earn my trust would be to write a bill that says that all House bills including their amendments cannot be longer than the U.S. Constitution and must be written in plain language, not lawyerglyphics.

My challenge: If a Republican congressman calls me and promises to shove the bill under Speaker Pelosi’s nose, I will write that bill for the Republicans tomorrow morning, and then I will have breakfast.

Until then, my transparency radar remains on red alert for conservative Republicans.

Stay very distrustful, America. In the words of the great, recently-departed reporter Robert Novak: Love your country, but don’t trust your government.