Holder Throwing a Bone to Radical Left

Here we go again.  What is it about a radical liberal that commands the inner child to seek and destroy America’s national security apparatus?  What is it that continually drives them to leave America vulnerable to her enemies?  You would think September 11, 2001, was devastating enough to keep them on the side of American security for at least a decade.

Not so.

Recent reports floating a Department of Justice special CIA prosecutor trial balloon have the far left the nutroots salivating.  Attorney General Eric Holder, so-far memorable only for his key role in Bill Clinton’s last-minute pardon of fugitive Marc Rich — is reportedly poised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate CIA officials who interrogated al Qaeda terrorists during the Bush administration.

Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl (Ariz.), the second ranking Republican in the Senate, fired off a warning flare voicing concerns that the Attorney General may not be considering in his decisions.  He was joined by Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), Vice Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and other senators in sending a letter to Holder on Wednesday.

Some excerpts:

“We are deeply concerned by recent news reports that you are ‘poised to appoint a special prosecutor’ to investigate CIA officials who interrogated al Qaeda terrorists.  Such an investigation could have a number of serious consequences, not just for the honorable members of the intelligence community, but also for the security of all Americans.
“The 9/11 Commission emphasized that keeping our country safe from foreign attack requires that the Justice Department work cooperatively with the intelligence community, but the appointment of a special prosecutor would irresponsibly and unnecessarily drive a wedge between the two… It is difficult to understand what rationale could drive the Justice Department to now reverse course, reopen a five-year-old matter, and tarnish the careers, reputations, and lives of intelligence community professionals.  
The Chicago Tribune and other news outlets recently reported that Holder was under pressure from liberal advocacy groups to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate alleged interrogation abuses, including the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.   
The interrogation of KSM yielded information that was vital to apprehending other al Qaeda terrorists and preventing additional attacks on the United States, including the plot to destroy the Library Tower in Los Angeles.
“[T]here is little doubt that further investigations and potential prosecutions of CIA officials would chill future intelligence activities.  The intelligence community will be left to wonder whether actions taken today in the interest of national security will be subject to legal recriminations when the political winds shift.”

Holder will in the not too distant future be a former Obama administration official and should carefully weigh setting precedent investigating prior administrations for their political policies.  Under the Bush administration policy of enhanced interrogations, KSM was waterboarded repeatedly and — according to a host of knowledgeable sources — as a result gave interrogators valuable, actionable intelligence that saved American lives.  No permanent harm was intended or done to the terrorist mastermind.

HUMAN EVENTS broke the story in May, of Holder in a House Judiciary Committee hearing under questioning from Rep. Dan Lundgren (R-Calif.), a former California state attorney general, and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) a former appellate judge, blowing a huge hole in his own argument that waterboarding constitutes torture.  He backed himself into a corner and was forced to admit that intent is vital to the legal definition of torture.  

At the hearing, Holder said Navy SEALS are not committing an act of torture when they use waterboarding in training stating that it was, “not torture in the legal sense because we’re not doing it with the intention of harming these people physically or mentally.”   He knows full well the same standard must be applied to our field operatives, that unless their intent was not to garner information but to physically or mentally harm KSM by squirting water up his nose, waterboarding does not rise to the legal definition of torture.

So, what’s the deal?  Holder was himself the recipient of Bush administration non-investigatory largesse post-Clinton DOJ scandals.

Holder appears to have played a part in every major scandal of the Clinton administration, aside from sex with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  Elian Gonzales, Waco, FALN terrorist pardons, the Marc Rich pardon, nuclear technology transfers to China — the list is long and illustrious.  Holder even popped up in the first big scandal to hit the office of then President-elect Barack Obama: the Blagojevich corruption scandal.

Will the next administration investigate the Holder for playing political games with America’s national intelligence apparatus?  Why Holder dropped the charges against the Black Panthers caught on tape intimidating white voters?  Was he complicit in the White House compiling a health care enemies list?  Did he hire Craig Livingstone?  

Did money change hands when, as a deputy attorney general, Holder acted as a conduit to the White House for the pardon of Marc Rich?  Did Holder cover up a DOJ order to set fire to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco?  Did Holder cover up illegal activity in the Loral Corporation transfer of dual use nuclear technology to China?  

How far back can we go with these former administration investigations?  

(There is no statute of limitations on treason, so is Jane Fonda still around?)

Perhaps Holder’s merely looking for a witch hunt bone to throw the administration’s radical leftist base. The “progressives” — they’re too liberal to call themselves liberals — are outraged at  the apparent implosion of government-run Obamacare.  

Crippling the ability of our intelligence apparatus is an invitation to disaster of catastrophic proportions.  That could warrant an investigation of its own by the next administration.