Reisman vs. Rhode Island

I would urge the Rhode Island Senate to get a bulk fare and all attend the September 11, 12 and 13, Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation conference on “Protecting Women and Children from Human Trafficking, Abduction and Commercial Exploitation for Sexual Slavery." I’ll gladly introduce the Senators to my fellow speakers and attendees at the Irvine, California conference.

Considering their history of supporting brothel bondage, the Rhode Island Senate could learn a lot at the conference. So can everyone.

The US Department of State defines “sexual trafficking” as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.” Rhode Island qualifies therefore as national sex trafficking center.

A “profession” is “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.” Since even small children are prostituted, prostitution is no profession.

Margaret Brooks, Bridgewater State College Professor of Economics and Law, a Rhode Island resident, recently wrote to the Rhode Island General Assembly in response to a brothel advocacy letter from 50 “professors.”

Professor Brooks noted that the 50 brothel academics are neither Rhode Island residents nor “neutral academic researchers.” Instead, authors Ronald Weitzer and Elizabeth Anne Wood and other 50 letter signers are “politically active leaders of an international pro-prostitution network.” Professor Brooks asks why they want her state to be “a red-light district.”

Ronald Weitzer’s claims for a “satisfying” brothel life are bogus. Why? Because, says Professor Brooks, even Weitzer admitted in 2005 that, “most research focuses exclusively” on the alleged satisfaction level of street prostitutes.

Moreover, although Herr Weitzer’s ally, Elizabeth Wood says on her website that prostitutes “distrust and lie to researchers,” she still claims “studies” of happy hooking are scientific. Why? Follow the money. My US Department of Justice study documented a stable of sex researchers paid by pornographers as “consultants” and “board members” since 1976.

Brothel advocate Wood thinks researchers who study prostitution should learn to do “a passable pole dance,” perhaps for supplementary income?

Professor Brooks notes that Wood’s "Sex in the Square" web site wants to legalize “loitering (and in effect street prostitution) ….The need right now in Rhode Island is to resist a dangerous change in the law. After that we can move on to affecting positive changes…” writes Wood.

Yes America. This is just the beginning! Just imagine. Sex in the public square! Our sex educators are so broadening, so free, so open, so uninhibited!

Not surprising. That’s been their training since Kinsey in 1948. In my last book, Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences I wrote of The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco. The IASHS is the “Harvard” of human sexuality credentialing, and sex education curriculum design, Their oath, their “Basic Sexual Rights” would legalize prostitution of adults and children as well as sadism and other forms of pathological sexual conduct..

The IASHS want sex legal for all “those disadvantaged because of age….” (pp. 81-82)  I write, the new sexologists “would legalize adult child sex, incest, child prostitution, and child pornography, providing that such practices are purportedly “consensual.” IASHS graduates often testify in court and elsewhere as experts on issues of human sexual behavior, as have the 50 “professors” cited here.

Yes, legal prostitution for all ages, yes, all ages, yes, of ‘consenting’ children, yes.

In her letter, Professor Brooks documents the economic costs of prostitution for Rhode Island and for the general society. Offering prostitution as “work” instead of investing in “promoting human rights, social justice and….positive jobs for our citizens.”

Shared Hope International reports, “familial prostitution — the selling of one’s family member for sex in exchange for drugs, shelter, or money — is a large and overlooked problem in the United States.” Their study found “familial prostitution a severe form of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking occurring in the community.”

Most prostituted women — so Rhode Island children — come from brutalizing, sexually abusive homes. The “50 Professors” and the Rhode Island legislators should know that. The September Preventing Abuse Conference will educate them all on the vast problem of exploitation of women and children that grows daily in the USA. IN 1999 the US Department of Justice reported 58,200 children kidnapped by nonfamily members, and roughly 800,000 children are estimated to go missing each year.

The prostitution of women and children affects us all. The spread of pornography increasingly leads to family breakdown and copycat crimes, especially incest and child sex abuse in main street America. These children are prey for the traffickers. Even children from normal, healthy homes are stalked and trafficked, as was Johnny Gosch, kidnapped in W. Des Moines Iowa.

Do Americans really want our broken young victims to be welcomed by legalized brothels, where they get dugs, pills, and alcohol to momentarily cover the pain?

I urge the Rhode Island Senate, the 50 professors and all who advocate “decriminalization” of prostitution to join us at the September conference. It is co-sponsored, among others, by Pat Boone, The Salvation Army, The American Family Association Traditional Values Coalition, Concerned Women for America (California), California Republican Assembly, California Federation of Republican Women, Pink Cross Foundation, and Focus on the Family, Family News in Focus. I’ll be there speaking.

We’ll make time to educate the Rhode Island Senators.

American protectors awake! Meet me in Irvine!