Obama: Ending is Better Than Mending

In 1931, Aldous Huxley wrote a tale of a future he feared might occur, Brave New World,  in which he described a secular, consumerist society of self-absorbed, drug-numbed and purpose-bred promiscuous peons that were both totally provided for and absolutely controlled by a paternalistic overclass that kept everyone employed, busy and close enough to happy.  

They did this, in part, by brainwashing the infantile masses into believing that frugality and conservation were crass.  

“Ending is better than mending,” they were told endlessly by the government schools that raised them.  And so they threw away their consumer goods while these were still perfectly serviceable, and then they ran out to buy government-made replacements.  Without savings or the willingness to maintain and repair their possessions, everyone was kept quite busy working in government jobs to make things that everyone worked to buy from the government.  This eliminated unemployment, as well as innovation, competition, independence, thought and other destabilizing threats to the paternalistic overclass.

Huxley thought the world he foresaw was a nightmare.  Barack Obama thinks it’s a sensible economic plan (and one that already incorporates most of the social planks of the Democrat Party platform).

With “Cash For Clunkers,” Obama has steered American economic policy fully into Huxleyian territory.  Let’s just break down the plan to see what I mean:  

In order to stimulate the economy, save the world and increase sales at Government Motors, the Government will now pay people, in newly printed Government cash (which, since 1973, has been nothing but a Pavlovian construct anyway) to trade in their older, still-serviceable cars and have them vandalized by the dealer so that they no longer run.  This will then create a market for new cars, made by the unionized employees of Government Motors.  This, in turn, will transform the economy into a utopian perpetual motion machine, without any unintended consequences.  

With that accomplished, Obama can then concentrate on Health Care Reform – or doing for General Hospital what he has already done for General Motors.

This will also stimulate the economy and create a bourgeois worker’s paradise in which we all live in perfect health and beauty (through government medicine) until we reach a non-productive age and die quickly, so as to not cost the government a whole lot or bum out our neighbors.

In a remarkable coincidence, that is also part of the plot of Brave New World.  (Really, did Joe Biden “accidentally” write a verbatim copy of Brave New World into the Democrat Party Platform around 1964?) But back to Clunkers.

Because it continues to dumbfound me, let us again review the wisdom of Cash For Clunkers: The government is paying people to destroy their cars so they have to buy new cars.  

This is the same sort of curious thinking that people exhibit when they say that the destruction from a hurricane will “stimulate” the economy.  No, it won’t.  All it does is force people to exhaust their savings and work their butts off for years to get back to even.  But Cash for Clunkers is a different sort of destruction: it causes people to spend other people’s savings, in the form of taxpayer-funded checks.  Robbing Peter to incentivize Paul really will stimulate the economy, right?  Right.

I can’t wait to see what Obama’s solution to the current collapse in the housing market will be — perhaps a concerted campaign of arson called “Firebombs for Foreclosures”?  People can’t live in a pile of ashes, after all.  Think of how stimulating rebuilding will be for the economy!  All we need to do first is get government directly into the house building business and I’m sure the details can be worked out quickly and without debate, probably without even reading the bill before the vote.

Is the Cash for Clunkers program totally useless?  No.  It does provide bizarre entertainment for those of us that haven’t drunk the Soma-flavored Kool-Aid.  So far the best moment for me has been Democrats declaring that Cash For Clunkers running out of all its cash in less than one week means that the program is successful, because it’s popular.

Basically, a fool announced that he was giving away money and the response was so overwhelming that he thinks he has a good business model.  Surely, a former dot-com executive was somehow involved in designing this program.  They lose money on every transaction, but think of the volume!

Remember kids, frugality is selfish.  Savings are a threat to the economy.  Caution is reckless.  Waste is employment.  Consumption is productive.  Now repeat after me:

Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.
Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.
Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.

Oh, what a brave new world that has such a stimulus in it.