Malkin Exposes Obama's Government by Cronyism

If the Obama Administration’s historic over-spending, taxing and expansion of government in the past six months already have your blood boiling, take two aspirin and read Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption. Could things be any worse for America than they are now? Malkin’s extensive research tells us that “Yes, they can.”  

Culture of Corruption lets the sunshine in on Obama’s Administration, which, Malkin tells us, is comprised, in good part of tax cheats, crooks and cronies. All during the era of Obama, “crony” is a term that America will become all too familiar with.  

Merriam-Webster defines a crony as a longtime friend or companion. But the word when used in a political context is a pejorative.

William Safire’s Political Dictionary
defines government by crony as: “an administration in which advisers qualify not by experience or talent but by their long-time friendship with the chief executive. Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel — Obama’s key advisors — all go way back in Chicago politics. Malkin tells us the whole story.  

In her first chapter “ONWS: Obama Nominee Withdrawal Syndrome,” Malkin spotlights the rise and fall of nominees such as Bill Richardson, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer and the dirty details that led to their demise so early in the Obama Administration.  

“Two months into the ‘Hope and Change’ presidency, writes Malkin, a popular joke made its way around the Internet:  “What’s the difference between Obama and Jesus? Jesus could actually build a cabinet.”  

Chapter by chapter Malkin invites you to “Meet the Mess,” finding corruption in each sector of the White House. How about Vice President Joe Biden’s close, sensitive ties to the largest independent issuer of credit cards, MBNA, and their wealth-sharing relationship?

Delve further into this flawed cabinet and meet U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk (whom Malkin dubs a tax cheat), HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius “the nominee who couldn’t count,” and Transportation’s “earmark man” Ray LaHood. The list goes on and on.  

Probably the most controversial chapter in Culture of Corruption is Malkin’s take on Michelle Obama titled “Bitter Half: First Crony Michelle Obama.” In an interview with the author on HUMANEVENTS TV, we noted to Malkin that in most circumstances a political assault on the First Lady is considered inappropriate or irrelevant, but what Malkin reveals in her book is exceedingly relevant to the present healthcare-reform debate in America.

“When [Michelle Obama] worked at the University of Chicago Medical Center she was a vice president of Corporate Communications and Community Relations — some long title — to mask the fact that it really was just a job for show. She engineered a patient-dumping scheme. And that’s not my characterization of it, it’s the characterization of the emergency room physicians who have balked at the plan since it was initiated and also local community activists, people who represent the poor and minority patients who are being bused out of the University of Chicago emergency room to these outlying community health clinics,” Malkin told HUMAN EVENTS.

“I think this is a typical example of cronyism and corruption because Michelle Obama hired political guru David Axelrod — the chief strategist for team Obama’s presidential campaign — to sell the plan.”

“And what they did in Chicago is obviously what they plan to do in Washington and the rest of the country, and she has said as much.”  

Malkin’s book has been knocked by the liberal media’s Matt Lauer, Joy Behar, Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow (further reasons for conservatives to buy it), although, as Malkin has pointed out, they can’t refute a single fact in the book.  

Culture of Corruption reminds readers that people should be judged by the company they keep and that “no one, not even Barack Obama, can drain a swamp by flooding it.”  

A must read for conservatives and all those now suffering from Obama-buyers’ remorse.

Update: Culture of Corruption, will debut at #1 on the NYT Bestseller List on Sunday, August 16. More here