A Post a Day Keeps the Docs and Dawgs at Bay

Living and writing in the Washington D.C. area, I try to get information from a variety of sources.

I read the Washington Times and several Websites (including this one) to get a handle on what’s really important. I read the Wall Street Journal to see what the money crowd is thinking. If I have time, I scan the online New York Times just to marvel at the sheer horror when a once-great newsroom is conquered by, uh, eccentric people.

And then I read the Washington Post because I have to. It’s the paper of record in the nation’s capital, even though you’ll find more news in the Washington Times.

Periodically, the Post does a very good job. It has some solid reporting and can be a guilty pleasure. Although its Style section reads like a supplement to the Washington Blade, it carries some of the most incisive conservative commentary, which must drive the liberal newsroom wild. Charles Krauthammer, who is an M.D., has been taking an especially deadly scalpel to “hope” and “change.”

Right now, the newsroom is in kneejerk mode. The Post does this when it really, really wants Congress or the President to do something.

That something is to pass Obamacare, quickly, all 1,013 pages of it.

I actually laughed out loud at this A-4 headline on July 22:

Senate Panel Takes Careful Approach to Crafting Health Bill: Differences Are Hashed Out in Private

Remember when Hillary held secret task force meetings on her plan to nationalize health care? That ticked off a lot of people. Or imagine if a GOP-controlled Senate “hashed out in private” key details of a plan to overhaul one fifth of the national economy. Do you think the Post editors would describe it as “careful?”

On July 30, under the lead headline “Lawmakers Cut Health Bills’ Price Tag,” the caption of a photo at a free clinic in Denver ends: “About 47 million Americans do not have health coverage.” Besides being profoundly misleading in other ways, that number includes at least 11 million illegal aliens who are now magically American citizens. Who needs amnesty?

Another case in point: The Blue Dog Democrats have been something of a pain in the neck to the liberals over Obamacare. A few have turned into lapdogs, even voting in committee against measures barring illegal aliens from enrolling in government-run health care. But some just won’t be good dawgs and roll over. Their stubbornness helped delay a full floor vote on this monstrosity until after the August recess. Likewise, some doctors don’t want Uncle Sam’s bureaucrats taking up permanent residence in their examining rooms. Although the AMA has been shockingly subservient to Nancy Pelosi and the Obamacrats, many doctors are writing scathing letters to the editor and threatening to revolt.  

So, on July 31, the Post carried on its front page, under the header Health Care Reform 2009, these two headlines, side by side:

Self-Referring Physicians: Doctors Reap Benefits By Doing Own Tests

Blue Dog Democrats:  Industry Is Generous to Influential Bloc

Get it? Workers of the world! Unite against those greedy doctors! And those barking dawgs! Pass Obamacare! Now!

Who else can we turn our ink-stained, cyber-spitting guns on today? Sarah Palin? Nah, mission accomplished. At least for now. But if she shows her face outside Alaska, you can bet we’ll run a series on her “ethical challenges.” No, it doesn’t matter whether any of the allegations stuck or were driven by partisan hacks. It worked! Look at her polls! Sometimes, we amaze even ourselves.