Stephanopoulos Faces Conservative Critic on Sunday Show

This Sunday, August 2, George Stephanopoulos faces what could be a significant test for the former Democrat operative.  Michelle Malkin, author of the best-selling new book, Culture of Corruption will take the seat opposite Stephanopoulos, someone who in his previous incarnation worked hard to destroy other critical-of-Democrat books.  (Long-time readers may recall Stephanopoulos’s efforts to destroy Gary Aldrich’s "Unlimited Access," the hugely popular, highly critical-of-Clinton bestseller.)  Given his history, many readers wonder what ambush Stephanopoulos may have in store for Malkin.

Given Ms. Malkin’s deft performance with other critical interviewers, such as her stunning appearance opposite The Today Show’s liberal anchor, Matt Lauer, it would serve Stephanoupolos well to steer clear of ambushes and treat Malkin with the respect she and her point of view deserve.

But considering the rather unflattering description of Stephanopoulos which Malkin included in the intro to her new book, George may not be able to resist some sort of jab.  The following is from page 3 of "Culture of Corruption":

At ABC News, former Democrat operative-turned-objective newsman George Stephanopoulos also exhibited the symptoms of the Obama transition’s salivary gland stimulus.  "We have not seen this kind of combination of star power and brain power and politcal muscle this early in a cabinet in our lieftetimes," Stephanopoulos dribbled.  After blotting his chin a bit, he addded:  "[H]e’s managed his transition with the same kind of precision and discipline that he managed to show during the campaign…. It’s hard to imagine this transition going much better for the president-elect."

Malkin goes on to give chapter and verse on the untold (and undertold) stories of a mismanaged transition, leading to a thoroughly corrupt White House.  She points out the fawning of not just Stephanopoulos, but of virtually every one of his "journalist" colleagues.  And that’s just in the intro; the subtitle of the book, "Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies" perfectly captures the nature of Malkin’s critique.

Officials at Regnery Publishing, publisher of "Culture of Corruption" and a sister company of Human Events, report that the book’s first week’s sales are strong, and climbing.   "The book has blasted out of the gate, and has been #1 at Amazon and since we launched it on Monday," said Marji Ross, President of Regnery.  "Michelle has really hit a nerve with main street America."

Malkin will also continue her nationwide media blitz next week with appearances on virtually every major TV network and radio show, including appearances on Hannity TV, Glenn Beck’s TV and radio shows, Fox & Friends, and — this one should be especially fun — a much-anticipated interview on Monday with the ladies of "The View."