What to Do At Recess: A Health Care Reform Primer

For weeks, Republicans have been working hard to stop the Juggernaut Obama.  Then a couple of weeks ago, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said the resistance to Obamacare — if it succeeded — could be President Obama’s Waterloo and the tide started to change. Free Market Health Care Reformers can’t get too excited, but there is change in the wind and with an August recess coming up, the American people just might help win.

Let’s define “win”: killing this awful idea of nationalizing healthcare.

This is a three step process.  The first step has been achieved. Reason (in the form of constituent pressures on Blue Dogs in the House, as well as the truth about the expense of this enormous program emanating from the Congressional Budget Office) prevailed and the votes on health care “reform” are postponed until after the recess.

The House goes on vacation this Friday, and the Senate follows a week later.  As soon as they get home, it’ll be the time for all of us to camp out at their district offices and write emails, letters and making phone calls demanding that they block Obamacare. If your Congressmen and Senators are going to vote “no” on the president’s plan, then reach out to your contact list and be sure they are contacting their representatives on this.

Some of the Blue Dog Democrats almost made a deal with Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) to get a bill out of his committee but the liberals balked at it.  So should we.  The Blue Dogs — all 52 supposed fiscal conservatives among the House Dems — haven’t been fiscally conservative at all this year.

Now, having spent trillions already in just six months, why should they be able to get away with spending another trillion dollars?  All of the Blue Dogs should hear long, loud, and continuous criticism from their constituents.  If they want to have any credibility as fiscal conservatives, they’d better stand up against Obamacare.

In the blogosphere on the Left there was something close to anarchy.  This, my friends, is hard to do, since most of the Left is anarchy. The common thread in the universal health care world is a deal with the Blue Dog Democrats will shift the healthcare debate sharply towards (gasp) centrist positions.

So what else can a constituent to do in August? I posted a question on my Facebook page asking folks what are the important points to communicate to Congress over the recess.

First, tell Congress if the plan isn’t good enough for you and every other Federal employee to live with, then it’s not good enough for your constituents.  “You try it first…then we’ll decide…not you,” said Bryan. Kim put it this way, “It only seems fair that you and your family beta test all health care reform for a minimum of 12 months with public sharing of results, then let us the voter, the one who put you where you are, decide what’s right for us” Overwhelmingly on the phone, in emails and on social networking people are saying, if the health care reform you are passing is not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for us.

Next, challenge the elected officials to say just where the money coming from.  All you need to do is look to any other federal program and you will see the waste. Joshua said, “Had we not strayed from the Contract with America and had we showed some of the fiscal restraint we claim, we wouldn’t be having this fight right now. Choose principles over bipartisanship.” There is no way you can add millions of people to the system and not substantially raise the cost to the taxpayer, it just doesn’t add up.

Finally, mobilize senior citizens and those about to become senior citizens. For years, the Democrats have successfully scared seniors in order to keep Republicans from reforming the entitlement system.  And they were successful.  Now, President Obama wants to have the government counsel seniors on end of life options and wants to give “Mama” a pain pill instead of medical care that would prolong her quality of life and her calendar years. Medicare needs to be reformed, there is no doubt, but end of life discussions ought to occur within families and with their private doctor, not with a government board.

This is the tipping point.  If the president’s plan is passed, if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have their way, then doctors will be retiring early, research will be thwarted and the best health care delivery system in the world will be in shambles. Amanda, a physician, put it this way, “As a doctor who would be affected by this crazy bill in more than one way as a profession and personally — it is the most inappropriate thing I have ever seen. It will not work and all Americans will suffer. If you are healthy then — maybe would be okay. But pray you do not get sick — YOU WILL BE IN BAD SHAPE.”

So keep the heat on.  Speaker Pelosi says she’s not afraid of August, but she ought to be.  Tell this to your congressmen and senators: if the plan is so good, then make it mandatory for Congress and all federal employees.  Second, demand fiscal responsibility not only in health care reform but in the other spending.  The president is still out there blaming the previous administration and it’s getting old.  Finally, seniors should be afraid of this plan.  It’s an end of life plan for you and you need to let your congressmen and senators know you are not going to accept that.

This is the time for action.  Members of the “club” in the House and Senate — be prepared for an onslaught this August.  You will be called and held to account and the form letters and emails just won’t do this time.  You will need to be responsive to the people or you will be voted out in 2010.