Liberals Save Everything But the Unborn

Save the whales, kill the babies. Save the Bay, kill another 50 million babies. 50 million. That’s the estimated number of abortions in the U.S since 1973. Save the rainforest, let the babies die.

The hypocrisy of many left-wing zealots would be amusing if it weren’t so tragic. These folks love to advertise their philanthropic exploits by “saving” things, none of which is unborn children. Sometimes I think they try to out-empathize one another until one or the other cries “uncle,” and the loser agrees to cry in their latte until whatever needs saving is either extinct or added to the endangered species list. Print media like The New York Times and the Washington Post always give them plenty of ink, while television shows like “The View,” and “Hardball” allow them plenty of “face” time. The cackling heads or tingling leg, as the case may be, allow them plenty of time to pitch their save the whatever, in the hope that like-minded loons will donate to their cause du jour, or vote or speak out against anyone who might be insolent enough to disagree with their positions. There’s rarely a mention of the 50 million not saved. These thoroughly “unbiased” media outlets embrace the culture of death, while praising these lunatics at every turn.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m for saving the whales. I think saving San Francisco Bay is a noble goal. I’m not so sure about San Francisco itself, but the Bay deserves to be saved. The same holds true for the Narragansett and Chesapeake Bays. I’d even go so far as to say I think it’s a good idea to save the sheep (a particular favorite of Joaquin Phoenix and someone named “Pink”), tigers, chimpanzees, elephants, redwoods, frogs, Dalmatians, and pretty much every other creature or plant needing to be “saved.” I might even be convinced to save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, but the existence of that particular creature turned out to be an Internet hoax. I say let’s save them all, but let’s save the NEXT 50 million babies first.

You can also save the Sound — that’s the Long Island Sound. VH1 wants to save the music — that would be music education in our public schools, while others want to save the “gunks,” which are actually upstate New York’s Shawangunk Mountains. Perhaps these three could team up and get a transgendered individual from San Francisco to dress up like a Bavarian nanny and sing, “Climb every Shawangunk Mountain.” They could call it “The Sound and Music.” One can save the river — as in Upper St. Lawrence, the dunes — of northwest Indiana, the San Francisco Peaks — of northern Arizona, the Rainforest, and of course, the earth. These are a mere snippet of things the left loves to save. Both Michigan and Ohio want to “save the dream.” That’s the dream of owning your own home even though you couldn’t afford it in the first place and now you’re facing possible foreclosure. Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream, but what do I know? After all, I’m only a working stiff who pays his bills on time. As unfashionable as it might be, I only bought as much house as I could honestly afford. Sure, the bank offered to lend my wife and me more than we needed, but we knew someday we might have to pay the piper if things went south, so we took the conservative or, dare I say, the responsible route. Presto! We didn’t need to save the dream! I only wish we didn’t need to save the unborn.

With all of this saving going on, one might think leftists would at least consider saving something that really matters — something like human life. After all, saving the waves (yes that really exists — Google it if you have any doubt) can’t really be more important than a child’s life, can it? Sadly, the left wants to save the “gunks,” the pine bush (also in upstate New York), and the prairie more than they want to save a baby from having its brain sucked out a day or two before birth.

To a devoted leftist, a viable fetus is nothing more than a big lump of protoplasm, while a lighthouse, dune, prairie or even a wave is held as sacred and must — under any circumstance, or at any cost — be saved! Of course, they don’t see the hypocrisy of the position they’ve taken. They see it as “saving” a woman’s mythical right to choose. What about the rights of the baby? Oh, that’s right, lumps of protoplasm don’t have any rights.

God save us all.