Barry's Latest Crisis

The facts, however interesting, are irrelevant when it comes to Barry O’s administration and his merry band of Fedzillacrats on Capital Scam Hill who are doing their level best to destroy America.

In order to avoid tough scrutiny and debate that would allow for the facts to rise to the surface, Barry tries to convince us that everything is a "crisis" and must be passed today, ASAP, or gravity will fail and America will float off the planet into a White Hole abyss.  What a cheap, manipulative, unpresidential stunt.

Barry jammed through his "stimulus" bill this way, and all that it has stimulated is an increase in the unemployment rate and national debt. Typical, left-wing modus operandi: throw piles of taxpayer dollars on the blazing inferno and hope the fire abates.

We got wise to Barry O’s "crisis" management tactics and stalled his cap-and-trade energy tax bill, which would have raised taxes on all Americans — something Barry promised he would not do during the campaign.  Barry’s cap-and-trade bill was really a giant energy Ponzi scheme that would fleece the taxpayers and energy companies while
stuffing more money into the insatiable gaping mouth of the irresponsible, unnaccountable, ineffective and bloated Fedzilla. Talk about morbid obesity.

Barry did his best to convince us that we needed to pass a national health care plan by August. That, too, has stalled as more and more Americans begin to realize that putting their health care in Fedzilla’s hands would be the unhealthiest thing they could ever do.  Even some democratic congressmen are looking closer at Fedzilla’s destruction of Medicare and Social Security and are balking at Barry’s plan to destroy the nation’s health care system.

Americans are quickly catching on that Barry is long on wind and short on substance. He is an empty suit who does not let the facts get in the way of his fervent socialist and multiculturalist ideology.

Once again, without knowing the facts, Barry weighed in on the arrest of his Harvard professor buddy, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and referred to the "stupidity" of the Cambridge cops who made the arrest.  Barry used the arrest of his buddy to highlight what he believes are on-going problems with race relations.

Let me get this right: a person called the cops who saw two black dudes trying to forcibly gain entry into a home, the cops show up, at least one of the black guys will not produce identification as requested by the cops, and the guy gets pinched for disorderly conduct.  While Barry believes this is a perfect example of poor race relations, I call it good police work. The arresting cops get free concert tickets and backstage passes the next time I play in their neighborhood.  Professor Gates gets nothing.

Now that the facts are coming out, it appears Professor Gates got abusive with the cop, hurled racist words towards the cop, accused the cop of being a racist and then threatened him with words such as “you have no idea who you’re messing with” and “you’ve not heard the end of this.” While Barry is taking sides with his mouthy buddy, I trust the cops.

Barry’s very dumb comments have not gone unnoticed.  The Fraternal Order of Police is backing the arresting officers and has condemned Barry’s unsubstantiated and irresponsible comments, as well they should.

First of all, the arrest of his belligerent buddy is not a federal issue, so Barry should have kept his mouth shut and left the racist remarks to the Reverend Al Not-So Sharpton.  Secondly, once again Barry mouthed off without knowing all of the facts.  I bet his sidekick, Joe Biden, who has a Ph.D. in inserting foot in mouth, is quietly chuckling to
himself now that the spotlight is on his boss.

It is beginning to become a "fact" among Americans that Barry is not interested in facts or objectivity.  What he is interested in is pushing a radical political agenda that is out of step with mainstream Americans.

Keep talking, Barry.  The truth and facts about you is setting us freer by the day.  Quite a leap from being a Chicago “community organizer” to the President of the United States, eh, Barry?

I was going to offer this little bit of advice to Sgt. James Crowley, the cop who arrested Gates.  If he goes to Washington for a beer with Barry and Henry, they’ll set him up like a piñata for the press to whack at and smile when it works. But now I see he’s accepted the invitation.  I guess it’s tough to turn down a call from the president, but Sgt. Crowley should have stuck to what he knows: duty, honor and country.