Obama, Churchill and Zelaya

Winston Churchill, the great and wise British statesman, once stated:  If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever.  Use a pile driver.  Hit the point once.  Then come back and hit it again.  Then hit it a third time — a tremendous whack.

Winston was a whack’em & stack’em kind of guy — the kind I respect and admire.  Everything good in life is a direct result of piledrivers piledriving on. I piledrive at all costs. I am a piledriver.

Apparently Barry O does not share my admiration of Mr. Churchill because, after only a few days in office, he ordered a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House and had it returned to the United Kingdom.  Quite rude for a guy who would not be worthy of standing in Mr. Churchill’s shadow but who soaked up the racist and hate-filled words of Reverend Wright for twenty years.

After telling the United Kingdom to shove the bust of Winston where the sun does not shine, Barry O then hopped on Air Force One and embarked an Apologizing for America world tour where he has consistently sidled up to our enemies and turned his back on our allies.  This should not surprise reasonable, clear thinking Americans, as we know Barry O’s obvious goal is to bankrupt America and make it unable to defend itself or its allies.  

Do not forget, Barry O is supposed to single-handedly repair America’s international image.  Write this down: by the time we toss him out of the office he was hopelessly ill-equipped to fill, Barry O will have damaged our international image far worse than what the peanut head from Plains, Georgia had done.  And we must not forget that President Carter has never met a terrorist regime he did not admire.

Imagine for a moment if you were the president of a country that is a strong ally of America.  Ask yourself this question:  With Barry O as president of the United States, can I really trust America to be there if I need them? Case closed.  Never trust a president who, as Charles Krauthammer recently wrote, finds himself on the side of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro twins as Barry O has done in support of the ousted socialist Honduran President Zelaya. My dear old US Army drill sergeant dad told me repeatedly, "tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you what you are." Now I get it.

I believe it was Mark Twain who once astutely wrote that anytime you find yourself in support of the majority, it’s time to reconsider.  Let me add to Mr. Twain’s wise aphorism:  Any time you find yourself on the same sidelines as socialists, commies, Michael Moore and various other subhuman debris, you should think about what our founding fathers would think of you.

Israel can surely no longer expect America’s support even if the religious voodoo clowns in Iran launch an offensive against them.  Israel knows that war with Iran is not a question of if, but when.  John Bolton, America’s former United Nations representative, recently said he believes there is an 80-90% chance that Israel will attempt to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities before the end of the year.  Let’s hope so. A world without Iran having access to nuclear weapons is a safer world.  Liberal buffoons like Barry O believe in John Lennon’s lyrics:  all we are saying, is give peace a chance.  I believe in what Clausewitz wrote: to secure peace is to prepare for war. Peace and love will get you killed.

John Lennon’s lyrics, of course, have been proven wrong time and time again and he was probably higher than a kite when he wrote those brainless, fantasy-driven lyrics. Nonetheless, liberals actually believe the path to peace is one in which America grovels at the feet of our enemies instead of sending a strong message not to mess with America or our allies.  True peace, of course, is achieved through the application and unrelenting use of superior firepower.  History tells us the Roman Empire did not attempt to negotiate peace with their enemies.  Instead, they went about the task of killing their enemies.  Romans rocked.

Let me say that one more way in the faint hope it’ll sink into some liberal brains:  peace isn’t about “processes.”  Peace is about winners and losers, and until each belligerent is firmly in one category or the other, the war isn’t over.  Get it? High time.

Barry O gave an anti-American speech to a bunch of Christian-hating Muslims in Cairo where he was given a lukewarm reception even though he did not utter the very appropriate word "terrorist."  What a pathetic joke to not have the moxie to even say the word.  Instead, Barry O has the audacity of ignorance or hate of all things American because he apologizes for America at every opportunity, which, in my opinion, is the ultimate sin against America.

You will note that Barry O has yet to give a rousing, pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-free market speech to our closest allies or even to America.  Reason:  Barry O does not believe that individual freedom, capitalism, and American prominence are something to be exalted and admired.

America’s strongest arrow in our international quiver is to always, always stand for freedom and liberty.  Those are uniquely American characteristics that hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives for around world.  We must never waver in our support for those who also respect these virtuous qualities.  Turning our backs on our friends and embracing our enemies is dumber than giving Joe Biden an open microphone or Ted Kennedy the car keys.
One has to wonder if Barry O has read the book that human rights violator, anti-freedom and socialist thug Hugo Chavez gave him.  Let us not forget that Barry O smiled, shook
Chavez’s hand and accepted the book but mandated the bust of Winston Churchill be returned to the United Kingdom.  My dad was right, not Wright.