Thune Says Card Check Undead

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) says the “Employee Free Choice Act” – the Orwellian name for the “card check” bill to end secret ballot unionization elections – isn’t dead yet and could even be tacked onto another bill and pass the Senate with little or no notice.

In a conference call addressing the “Employee Free Choice Act” Sen. Thune stressed the importance of not accepting compromise. Thune stated “the cloture vote is the critical vote” because – if the measure gets to the floor, Democrats may yet be able to muster the votes necessary to overcome a Republican filibuster. Even if the Employee Free Choice Act was revised to pass the cloture vote it “is going to move further to the left as you get into conference with the house…with pretty much most of the elements of the original bill when it comes out of conference.”

Thune made clear the importance of continued grassroots resistance to EFCA saying “they must keep the pressure on.”

Thune stated that currently “their really isn’t any point, in my view, of compromising”
Talk of compromising indicates to him that republicans are winning the debate and that the coalition “ought to stay strong.”

The odious provisions of this bill go beyond taking away the secret ballot and expanding union power through a card check process. The other aspect of this bill which would deeply affect small businesses is a clause that mandates arbitration on union contracts, which effectively destroys the bargaining leverage of any businesses, even most small businesses.

Thune’s analysis of this clause is that “all the things that would normally be negotiated in a labor contract would be up to a government arbitrator and their would be no incentive on the part of the union to negotiate in good faith because they clearly could just wait, and the farther they stay apart the “better” the outcome is going to be, in their view.”

The employee free choice act poses multiple threats through the language of the bill and the methods it can be enacted. This bill is “undead,” and cannot be ignored.