Biden Snowballs Health Care

Vice President Joe Biden addressed the nation today on the Obama administration’s top agenda item:  health care reform. Sadly no television channel had a live coverage of this event, most opting to cover the aftermath of Michael Jackson’s funeral instead.

Perhaps the networks wanted to have some sort of inobvious delay (not unlike a 10-second lag on radio imposed on someone such as Don Imus) to be sure that the veep didn’t do another tumble-tongue statement the White House would have to explain away. 

Despite this coverage, Biden’s wholehearted attempt to snowball the public was released in a concise sound bite. 

“Reform is coming, it is on track, and it is coming… in my view, we are going to get that change and we are going to get it this year.” Recently though information has come to the public, from individuals like Sen. Feinstein (D. Cali) that because of the CBO’s $1 – $3 trillion price tag on Obama care, it will not pass both houses.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) agreeing said, “The CBO estimates were a death blow to a government run health care plan”. House Democrats, trying to rectify this, claimed to find $500 billion in cuts. Many democrats saw this as the bi-partisan method to pass Obama care.

Yet Congressional sources gave HUMAN EVENTS a CBO preliminary analysis of the so-called “tri-committee” House bill that shows the $500 billions in savings to only be $152.2 billion in savings, and the rationale for even this is shaky.

Continuing, Biden stated “We have tried for decades, for decades, to fix a broken system, and we have never, in my entire tenure of public life been this close. We have never been as close as we are today and things remain on track. We have the hospitals working with us we have the pharmaceutical industry working with us, we have doctors and nurses and healthcare providers working with us, we have the American public behind us, and everyone sees that we need change….”

As for the “doctors and nurses and healthcare providers” who are in support of a government option, Biden may want to recheck his facts. In a recent US News and World Report on the American Medical Association’s response to the government option they reported that “doctors’ opposition to the so-called “public option” underscores the potential difficulties ahead for Obama’s reform efforts”.

The AP reported on June 15th  that “For all the young president’s popularity, the response he got Monday [June 15th] from the doctors at an American Medical Association meeting was a sign his road is only going to get rockier as he tries to sell his plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system.” The AMA, which represents around 250,000 physicians, clearly is not united behind Obama’s reform plan. Obama’s response was that not all physicians are members of AMA and therefore they should not be overrated – yet not all the doctors who are not members are going to be supportive of the government option.

Biden stated that “the American public” was behind the president plan. This made me wonder if he was thinking of the same American public I am familiar with, or did he have a different public which also fit better with his “view”.

In a recent Gallup poll rating the quality of healthcare, 83% of Americans said their healthcare was excellent or good while only 15% said it was fair or poor. If the vast majority of Americans are generally satisfied, why does the Obama administration insist that they want a radical change?