Palin Already a Bestseller

Sarah Palin (HUMAN EVENTS’ 2008 person of the year and first ever woman to be given the honor) has resigned from her post as Governor of Alaska effective July 26. After much supposition from pundits — liberal and conservative alike– that she would likely run for the presidency in 2012, her announcement left Americans shocked and the national media in a speculative whirl.

Doubters — including many Republicans — say Palin needed more experience before running in 2012. Quitting her post now has been interpreted as giving up her political aspirations, not just the governorship.

“Sarah is sick of the media trashing her,” “She is focusing on fundraising” read Twitter and Facebook feeds all weekend, as news junkies played guessing games.

And then (after much of the elitist press finished their Fourth of July vacations in Martha’s Vineyard) the usual suspects joined in the relentless beating of the woman who single-handedly rallied the Republican party throughout John McCain’s miserable run for president.

Just like the good old days pundits began ripping into Palin, and just like before, much of her worst criticism came from women.

“Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy” wrote New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. “Maybe there’s another red Naughty Monkey high heel to drop — there’s often a hidden twist in Sarah’s country-music melodramas.”

“Why not? Palin/Sanford in 2012, with the slogan: “Save time — we’re already in Crazy Town.”

While Palin’s resignation is unconventional, pairing her with a man who has recently committed adultery and shamed his family is as ridiculous and cruel as we can expect from Dowd.

Next up, Tina Brown of the Daily Beast, who recapped a speech in which Princess Diana asked the public to give her some personal time and then burst into tears. “Sarah Palin’s bow-out speech was the stylistic opposite of Diana’s simple cri de coeur, but its emotional twin sister,” wrote Brown.

“It’s a sad reflection on the way women are viewed in politics — or the way Palin believes they are viewed, or the way she views herself — that the outgoing governor of Alaska can’t cut herself some slack and admit her life has unraveled. Like Diana, what she was really saying in that rambling resignation speech was one word: "HELP!”

Um, Ms. Brown, I haven’t seen a single tear from the woman has been called a “slutty flight attendant” on national television, whose children have been viciously attacked for the sake of political gain, or whose intelligence has been questioned among hundreds of other insults.

Just yesterday she cheerfully talked to a handful of reporters while dressed in fishing trousers. She stated she didn’t know what the future held for her, noting that if this move killed her politically, then so be it. Unraveling? I would say she’s keeping the pieces together. She entered the scene and rose as a national figure in nine months. Just think of how she could change the game in three years.

Recently released reports from the governor’s office listed debts that accrued from ethics complaints (15 to be exact and 12 have been dismissed) up to nearly $2 million dollars. Rumors have circulated that Palin plans on a speaking tour and writing a book in order to clear up those debts.

I know another woman in the movement who is loved or hated by all — her name is Ann Coulter, and she’s made millions in book sales.

So Palin quits and writes a bestseller…next Palin rallies conservatives throughout the country giving speeches just like she did to save us at the Republican National Convention. No matter the outcome — love her or hate her — the public can’t take their eyes off her.

Let’s say Palin runs in 2012 among as motley a crew as the Republicans fielded in 2008. Hillary entered the scene and lost — and liberals still think they found their Messiah.

Conventional Beltway knowledge says Palin just blew it for 2012, but Palin has never been conventional, nor is she from the Beltway. These are the qualities that made her such a "breath of fresh air" through out McCain’s campaign. If Palin runs and loses, so be it. At least she did it her way, and I can assure you we will all be watching.