Celebrities, Pundits, and Politicians Move America Forward

Every day, the men and women of our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan sacrifice much for us. It is easy to remember the large sacrifices, the wounded bodies and the ultimate sacrifice of life. But in the hustle of our own lives, it is easy to forget the daily things these brave men and women give up: the Little League games, the school plays, the important birthday celebrations, and sometimes even the births themselves. They give up the little comforts of home that are a touchstone for so many of us…a favorite cookie, lips that aren’t chapped, a cup of good, strong coffee.

We may not be able to make up for all they miss, but we can send them a little TLC from home. Today marks Move America Forward’s Second Annual Troopathon to “Honor Their Service.” Move America Forward is the nation’s largest nonprofit grassroots protroops organization and this year’s Troopathon will build on last year’s remarkable success.

Hosted by Melanie Morgan, Andrew Breitbart and Mark Williams, this year’s efforts will once again bring people from all walks of life together for a common cause: love and devotion to our troops.

During today’s broadcast, live from 4:00 pm to 12:00 am EST from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, viewers and listeners will once again be given the privilege of thanking our service members by sponsoring a care package to send a little TLC from the home front.

Melanie Morgan said, “When I was in Iraq distributing care packages and Christmas cards to our troops, you could see in their eyes the heartfelt thanks they felt for the wonderful people of America who were remembering them. The troops hear the news in the United States and some of the cheap political criticism of the job they are doing; that is why it is critical that the majority of Americans speak out and tell the troops directly how much we believe in them.”

“We can never let our troops down like we did after the Vietnam War. Our heroic men and women of the military deserve better than that.”

And for eight hours today, stars from across the nation will do just that and make sure our heroes know they are supported at home. Political pundits, Hollywood stars, politicians and musicians will put aside ratings, competitions and polls and let the real stars shine, our troops. Last year’s event raised over $1.5 million and over 11,000 care packages were sent. This year’s goal is equally ambitious: to send the single largest shipment of care packages ever to our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.

Andrew Breitbart tells of his commitment to the Troopathon, “I feel like I come from two worlds that have mistreated and misrepresented the military at times of war, the Mainstream Media and Hollywood. Both seem intent, because of a political agenda, to paint our soldiers as either villains or victims rather than as heroes. What matters to me most is being involved with organizations and in projects that support the individual soldier and move the narrative toward recognizing them for the heroes they are.”

Over the course of the event, co-hosts Morgan, Breitbart and Williams will be joined by the titans of talk radio including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Dennis Miller, HUMAN EVENTS Editor Jed Babbin and many, many more.
Breitbart acknowledges and relishes the addition this year of many Hollywood stars who will be making a declarative statement of support for our troops.

Says Breitbart, “Many celebrities pay lip service to the concept of ‘supporting our troops’ but few will come out and truly honor their service. I hold in highest esteem, regardless of their political party, those who take the time to honor our troops and draw attention to something this important.”

Gary Sinise, Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hasslebeck, Robert Davi, Pat Sajack, Jon Voight, and Charlie Daniels are just a few of the many stars willing to declaratively and demonstrably support our troops at this year’s Troopathon.

Former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Gen. David H Petraeus will also be participating. There will also be a special appearance for the courageous young woman who was denied the Miss USA title because of her conservative views, Carrie Prejean.

The most meaningful reason for participating in the Troopathon can be seen in the notes that come flowing into the MAF offices after each care package delivery and in our soldier’s own words:

I want you to know that every little note or every package we get brings a smile to our faces.

To know that someone is thinking of us is such a great feeling inside.

Some soldier’s do not get much mail from home and to have a care package just show up one day makes that soldier feel happy and thought of.

Consider passing on a few lattes this week or pop in a DVD instead of heading to the movies and gift the gift of love to those who both need and deserve it.

MAF asks that all families with loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan send their service member’s name and address to ensure that all troops participate in this overwhelming support by a grateful nation.

For more information on the Troopathon or to sponsor care packages for our troops, please visit