Hell Scare Healthcare

With our out of control federal government on life support due to gross mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility over the past 40 years, it shocks me that anyone would support surrendering even more power to Fedzilla.

Fedzilla is the most poorly organized, inefficient, most costly bureaucracy the world has ever witnessed. Anyone who argues that this bureaucratic nightmare train wreck should be put in charge of our health care — one sixth of the nation’s economy — is either a Fedzilla stooge or on LSD, or both. There is no other explanation. It is that bizzarro.

Disco music makes more sense to me.

If a business was run the way our bandit politicians have run our government, the owners of the business would be charged with any number of crimes. The same rules do not apply to the political punks who run our country and genuflect at the altar of inefficiency and graft. We need look no further than the robbing of the Social Security Trust Fund to know that dishonesty is the way of life in DC. I’m surprised Barney Frank hasn’t proposed a tribute for Bernie Madoff.

Notice how the left-wing bureaucrat punks in DC support throwing more good money after bad as the solution to our nation’s health care "crisis"? That’s standard operating procedure for left-wing numbnuts who believe Fedzilla is the answer to every problem in America.

These political robber barons will seemingly support anything that keeps feeding the bloated Fedzilla with our hard-earned tax dollars regardless that our dollars are outrageously wasted and that there is little to no accountability how our dollars are spent. The largest crisis America faces is not health care, the war on terror, or Nancy Pelosi’s crazy rants, but rather the lying, cheating punk politicians in DC who trample on our constitution and spend our tax dollars with reckless impunity.

If you support Fedzilla’s socialist and Marxist bloodsucker ways, do true freedom addicts a favor and move to Europe where your dream is alive and not so well.

Let’s get one thing straight about health care. The biggest problem with health care is not the assured escalating costs, but rather that too few Americans actually care about their health. Look around you if you doubt me. We are the most blubber-infested, obese nation in the history of the world. Not only do many Americans eat far too much, others still suck on cancer sticks, others drink too much, and yet others fail to do anything to improve their health.

Yet still some of these bloodsuckers have the audacity to believe someone else should pay for their health care when they obviously do not care about their health. Is this the Planet of the Fat Apes or America?

A dose of truth: health care is not a right. It is a personal responsibility. If you don’t give a damn about your health care, how dare you demand another free man to pay for it. Only the bloodsuckers need feel guilty.

As I wrote in Ted, White and Blue-The Nugent manifesto, states that 80% of our health maladies are preventable. 80%! Truly an ounce of prevention is worth the tons of costly cure by Fedzilla, who rewards people for irresponsibility and bad decisions. Rewarding people for bad behavior is the surest way to get more bad behavior. And nary a word about Americans waking up to personal health upgrade from the phony bureaucrats. Simply amazing.

Dr. Nuge to the rescue. Want to improve your health and reduce health care costs at the same time? Get up off the couch, get active, get rid of all the junk food and poisons in your life and quit smoking. It is so easy it’s stupid.

The way to make health care more affordable is to unshackle the free market and let it work its market-driven magic. By strangling the free market with a government run health care program and mandating price controls to doctors and hospitals, the over-all state of health care will decline, health care will be rationed, and the costs will continue to escalate. Who doesn’t know this?

Fedzilla continues to throw billions of dollars at public education, yet in many cities the high school drop out rate is over 50%. Does anyone really believe that by pouring hundreds of billions more into our health care and allowing Fedzilla to be in charge that this could possibly improve the nation’s health care when public education is a disaster?

If you believe this, put the crack pipe down.

I would not trust Fedzilla and the punk politicians who idolize and profit from Fedzilla to shovel my dog kennels. Putting Fedzilla in charge of health care is analogous to a bank putting Al Capone in charge of counting the money at the end of the day.

Do not support giving Fedzilla more control over your life and the lives of your children unless you believe that eating broken glass sandwiches and drinking Drano is a tasty snack. Only idiots could possibly support giving Fedzilla even more control, whose mission is clearly to enslave and destroy America.

Stand for freedom. Stand for the principles which America was founded on. Stand for common sense, logic, truth, honesty and accountability. Stand for your health. If not, get in a boat and float to Cuba, Michael Moore’s health care paradise.