ACORN International Is Changing Its Name

UPDATE:  Since publishing this story it has come to our attention that ACORN International is changing its name, not ACORN. The common misunderstanding that was arrived at through Congressional statements and independent reports has been thoroughly clarified by Michelle Malkin here. This article originally ran under the headline “ACORN Is Changing Its Name.”

The infamous Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now, more commonly known as ACORN, is changing its name. The new moniker, Community Organizations International (COI), is the nefarious organization’s attempt to change its thuggish image. ACORN is under investigation for voter registration fraud in at least 14 states, the result of widespread allegations during the 2008 presidential campaign. There are also mounting charges from a growing list of current and former ACORN employees with allegations ranging from threats and intimidation to systemic fraud and financial mismanagement.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who has been battling for accountability from ACORN, reacted to the news yesterday.

“ACORN has so stained its reputation that it feels it must re-name and re-brand itself,” King said. “Changing its name to Community Organizers International is an attempt to capitalize on the positive image of ‘community organizers.’ Most community organizers do not cover up embezzlements, shake down lenders, corrupt the electoral process and engage in voter registration fraud.”

“ACORN can change its name, but it remains a complex organizational and financial spider web with all the appearance of a criminal enterprise,” King concluded. “Changing its name will not change the fact that the nut does not fall far from the tree.”

A Glimpse of What’s to Come from The All Barack Channel

The issue of health care reform is dominating Washington, D.C. this week as the President gears up for his ABC-sponsored health care infomercial on Wednesday from the new presidential media lapdogs at the All Barack Channel.

In a first glimpse of what’s to come, on Good Morning America yesterday, host Diane Sawyer threw puffballs at Secretary of Human and Health Care Services Kathleen Sebelius, White House Health Czar Nancy-Ann Deparle and Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes. The searing questions ranged from “Can Americans afford it?” to “What percentage of American medicine, do you think, is doctors doing unnecessary test because they’re caught in some cycle of unnecessary testing?” to “Is one headline of this then is to say to Americans you will be healthier with fewer tests?”

In this stunning example of hard hitting journalism, they even discussed Sawyer’s penchant for potato chips, with Sebelius giving her the all clear to eat them once a week.

Tough stuff.

In ABC’s warped sense of “fairness,” they did have Republican Whip Eric Cantor on to speak for two or three minutes. Hostile interviewer Robin Roberts asked Cantor about Republican alternatives saying, “Can you tell us how you plan to pay for it?”

They could have at least asked Cantor if he likes potato chips.

McConnell Relentless on Health Care

From the Senate floor yesterday, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell continued his relentless effort to put the brakes on Democrat plans to once again rush a bill through Congress before anyone has a chance to read it. McConnell also spoke of supermarket chain Safeway and the unique approach through preventative medicine that Safeway offers to its employees.

“As the debate over health care reform continues, a number of different approaches have now emerged,” McConnell said. “But one thing unites us: all of us agree that health care reform is needed. The question is what kind of reform: a reform that cuts costs and expands access, or a so-called reform that leads to a government takeover where premiums are increased but health care is delayed, denied, and rationed.”

“The President even said he’d be open to helping businesses across the nation adopt wellness and prevention programs like the Safeway plan,” McConnell continued. “And yet the bill that Democrats are now trying to rush through the Senate would actually ban this program from being copied and implemented by other companies.”

“This makes no sense,” McConnell said. “All last week, we heard eye-popping cost estimates for health care proposals coming out of Capitol Hill — proposals that wouldn’t even solve the entire problem but would bury us deeper and deeper in debt. If the goal is to decrease costs, why wouldn’t Democrats in Congress support a plan that we know has been effective in doing so — especially if the President himself supports it. One would think this would be an easy bipartisan feature of any Democrat plan.”

Safeway CEO Steve Burd says that his company’s per capita health care costs have remained flat. Most American companies have increased by nearly 40 percent since Safeway implemented its wellness and prevention plan in 2005. The Safeway plan has is yet another private sector success story that Democrats reject, instead favoring government control over your medical decisions.

NYT/CBS Poll: Obama Has No Clear Plan for Budget Deficits

In a survey June 12-16th by the New York Times/CBS News, 896 adults nationwide were asked:

“So far, do you think the Obama Administration has developed a clear plan for dealing with the current budget deficit, or hasn’t it developed one yet?”

30% Has developed clear plan
60% Has not developed clear plan
10% Not sure


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