The Anti-American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union has brought many lawsuits since 9-11 that were aimed at releasing publicly information that would damage our war effort.  But now, it has an ally in the White House. When President Obama decided to release the Department of Justice legal opinions (those the media insists on calling the “torture memos”), it was a huge victory for the ACLU.

But that isn’t enough for them. Nothing ever is.  

The same ACLU who regularly fights against Christian prayers at high school graduations, the display of nativity scenes at Christmas, and “discrimination” against trans-gendered students on college campuses is now insisting, by its lawsuit, that “detainee abuse” photographs be released.

Now the ACLU lawsuit is at the center of the House-Senate stalemate on the war supplemental bill.  The ACLU is seeking release of more photos that they contend show abuse of terrorist detainees during interrogation. Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) tied an amendment to the Senate bill that would bar release. The Democrats — voting on a straight party line — stripped the provision out in the House-Senate conference.

However, the Dems are now in a bind: their hyperliberal House members won’t vote for the war bill anyhow, so Republican votes are needed. And Republicans won’t vote for it unless the Graham-Lieberman language is in it.  

So what’s the answer?  The Dems side with the ACLU. And the ACLU sides with the enemy against the American soldier.

Those are strong words.  But they are precise, and necessary.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) used similar strong words when he recently asked: “Is the ACLU now in charge of the House of Representatives?" Actually, it is.

In September 2008, a 2nd Circuit Court decision to force the release of “detainee abuse” photos was upheld by a U.S. Court of Appeals. The ACLU rejoiced. And when the Justice Department announced the photos would be released by May 28, 2009, the ACLU applauded again. But when President Obama said he would oppose such a release on May 13, 2009, attorneys for the ACLU came unglued. How dare the president put aside his campaign “promise of transparency” in order to keep our troops safe.

Appearing on Fox News after the announcement of Obama’s opposition to releasing the photos, ACLU chief litigator Jameel Jaffer “described Obama’s reversal as ‘very disappointing.’” He went on to say he would continue to fight for “release of these photographs under concerns over civil liberty violations and possible detainee abuse.”

Of course Jaffer and modern-day counter-culturalists such as him fail to see that the “transparency” they seek in this particular issue is going to cost U.S. soldiers their lives while teaching the world that the “rights” of terrorists trump the rights of the Americans whom those terrorists attacked.

The dangers posed by the release of the photographs have been clearly explained by General David Petraeus, Chief of the U.S. Central Command: “‘[Our allies already] struggle with their populations’ perceptions that they are merely instruments of the U.S. government and do not have their citizens’ best interests at heart,’ and releasing the images ‘would likely deal a particularly hard blow" to American efforts in those countries.’”

Concurring with Petraeus, General Raymond Odierno, Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, said, “Incidents of spontaneous violence against U.S. forces, possibly including attacks from outraged Iraqi police or army members, are likely [if the photos are released.]” In addition to the loss of America lives that will result from the release of the photos, Odierno fears “this could weaken our partnership with the Iraqi security forces,” which in turn will only “lead to more violence.”

If Petraeus and Ordierno were testifying to the effect that “don’t ask, don’t tell” laws should be reversed, the ACLU would quickly take their side. But because the commanders are solely focused on the safety of our troops and the success of their mission, the ACLU has no time for them.

Muslim terrorists are listening.  They always try to justify acts of violence against Americans by what they see and hear about Americans’ conduct. And are we to believe that the release of the photos will do any less than harden their resolve to kill our brave men and women in uniform?

Abdulhakim Muhammad, the Muslim shooter who wounded one U.S. solder and killed another in Little Rock on June 1, 2009, made it clear that his motive for doing so was his desire to avenge “claims that American military personnel had desecrated copies of the Quran and killed or raped Muslims.” Moreover, he told the Associate Press that similar “attacks…by…Muslims in [the U.S.,] and…elsewhere, are going to [take place] for those things [U.S. soldiers] did."

The problem with Abdulhakim Muhammad’s motive is that the desecration of the Quran was a story fabricated by Newsweek: it never happened. But once the Left circulates something in the mainstream media, it no longer matters whether it happened or not, it’s simply regarded as fact.

Consider this: If Abdulhakim Muhammad had no problem pulling up to an Army Recruiting center and gunning down two soldiers over stories that were made up, what kind of egregious acts will the already-willing terrorists undertake when CNN is showing pictures of “detainee abuse” 24/7? Our troops will have war declared on them stateside, and uniformed personnel, from ROTC students to military specialists, will be nothing more than sitting ducks.

And while it may be hard to believe the ACLU is wantonly endangering our troops, the facts at hand are troubling. For the very ACLU that can’t wait to protect the civil liberties of terrorists throughout the world is quite indifferent when it comes to the civil liberties of American soldiers who are risking their lives by being deployed in the War on Terror or standing outside a recruiting station in Little Rock, Ark.