Trying to Get Away from Herself: Nancy Pelosi on the Road

When the nation was pausing for a moment of remembrance on Memorial Day, President Obama was on the golf course and Speaker Pelosi was in China. This is a different Nancy Pelosi in China today than in past visits.  In 1991, the California congresswoman displayed a banner while in Tiananmen Square that read, “to those who died for democracy in China.”

This week’s visit took a different tone. Pelosi – eager to turn the news away from the feeding frenzy over her denials that she knew of CIA waterboarding as early as September 2002 — seemed eager to avoid confronting her Chinese hosts with the usual “human rights” posturing.  So what did the Speaker do?

While Chinese dissidents were kept away behind heavy police lines, Pelosi didn’t talk about Chinese oppression, but her discovery that “global warming” violates human rights.  Huh?

When speaking in Shanghai to the American Chamber of Commerce, she said, “I will continue to speak out for human rights in China and around the world.” Pelosi went on to say, “Indeed, protecting the environment is a human rights issue…We hope to send a clear message that transparency, accountability, enforcement, and respect for the rule of law are the essential if we are to protect our planet.”

Transparency, human rights and climate change? Speaking about the “human rights issue” of the environment to China when people are disappearing daily for their beliefs is pretty weak. The truth is, the Obama administration is looking more like Peronists of Argentina in the 1950s than Democrats in a free society in America.  They nationalize what they can, and pay off the unions with the spoils.  

Pity that the Chinese don’t own a chunk of GM. Maybe they could have told Pelosi to carry a “keep your mitts off” message to Obama.

Before heading out of the country last week, Speaker Pelosi weakly defended her accusations regarding the CIA and what she knew and when she knew it regarding enhanced interrogation techniques used in the War on Terror after 9/11. President Obama tried to stay above the fray, leaving Panetta to be the most reasonable voice on the issue, next to former Vice President Dick Cheney. Now that’s an odd couple.

Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said Friday, “Transparency is the only way to put a stop to the distractions plaguing the Speaker. If the Speaker is unwilling to remove the cloud of slander over the heads of our intelligence professionals, I will call on the President to clear the air.” Good luck on that one, Rep. Price.  The goal of this President is to sound good in playback, not to resolve the issue raised by the Speaker of the House accusing the CIA of lying to Congress.

The President appears to be supporting both Panetta and Pelosi and he will be successful for a time. But eventually, he will have to choose.  

There is a silver lining, however. The debate on tactics and national security is a necessary one — even though it should have been part of the election debate. The best show in town last week was the “dueling speeches” on national security given by President Obama at the National Archives and former Vice President Dick Cheney at The American Enterprise Institute. It was a long way from the screaming Al Gore speaking out against President Bush. It was two views of the world and the people heard for themselves the vision from both sides on what our positions should be on intelligence gathering and the techniques used to accomplish our goals.

Compare either speech with the inept interactions of Speaker Pelosi and the press over the last couple of weeks and one might wonder if this lady should be a couple of heartbeats away from the presidency.

So Speaker Pelosi heads to China to save the world from “Climate Change” and to beg the Chinese to keep lending us money. She’s not as concerned about the real human rights violations that she so vehemently opposed at more convenient times in her career.  Staying in power is the most important thing now.

The point is, we need our intelligence community to be free of false and damaging accusations from people like Speaker Pelosi who are only concerned with saving political power. These are fine men and women who put their lives on the line every day.  Have we forgotten that one of the first casualties in the War on Terror in Afghanistan all those years ago was an intelligence officer? Johnny Michael Spann’s family hasn’t forgotten.

This isn’t a game; this is the security of our nation. Nancy Pelosi needs to come back to Congress and fix this mess of her own making. It’s not about her, her power or even the power of the Presidency; it’s about the safety of the nation.

So believe it or not, six months after the Bush administration, the former president is looking smarter every day and Dick Cheney is more popular than ever. But stay tuned.  Pelosi will soon be back and her lips will be moving. And you know what that means.