The Left Still Relies on Lies

It’s never a pretty sight to watch a politician eat his words.  It’s usually a combination of the indigestible and the indefensible. And then there’s the nervousness. 

In a press conference on May 14, responding to the CIA records showing she had been previously briefed on waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation tactics, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi seemed on edge, terribly nervous about what she was going to say.  Some might say that she didn’t want to mess anything up, but the sometimes iron-fisted Speaker seemed too far out of character for that. 

Her gestures, her cast-down eyes, and her squeamishness over her apparently over-prepared remarks were quite uncharacteristic for her.  As the cry for Rep. Steny Hoyer to step up as Speaker of the House was raised, and as commentators began to question Pelosi’s truthfulness, another little eyebrow began to be raised. Over at the CIA (the organization that Nancy Pelosi claimed had “misled” Congress on interrogation tactics), the director, Leon Panetta, refuted the Speaker’s claims against the Central Intelligence, saying that Congress was “briefed truthfully.”  Uh-oh.
However one likes to look at it, last week’s presser was a tragedy for the Speaker.  She was nervous, she was edgy, and she was — when you boil this down to its essence — not making any sense.  As people began to dissect her speech, it was almost immediately obvious that she was not comfortable with what she was saying because she was not telling the truth.

In Speaker Pelosi’s case, lying seemed like the only way for her to preserve her political future. But her conduct is typical.  A simple look at the history of the Left reveals a number of ways the Left relies on lies.

Rep. Barney Frank
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, is probably one of the Left’s best users of the falsehood.  Late in 2008, for example, Barney Frank went on Bill O’Reilly’s program to talk about his role in the controversial Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home loan organizations.  During the interview, Barney said (as he has on many other occasions), “You’ve misrepresented this consistently.  I became chairman of the committee on January 31, 2007.  Less than two months later, I did what the Republicans hadn’t been able to do in 12 years — get through committee a very tough regulatory bill.  And it passed the House in May.” 

Wait a minute; the Republicans passed a bill through the House in 2005 called “The Federal Housing Finance Reform Act of 2005” (HR 1461.)  This bill expressly stated that a “Federal Housing Finance Agency” would have “Authority over Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal home loan banks.”  But Frank, as well as 73 other Democrats, voted against it!

And we must never forget Barney’s legendary role in one of America’s greatest pieces of regulation: the Community Reinvestment Act.  In one CNBC interview in 2008, for example, he said that the Community Reinvestment Act was not hurting the economy: “That Act was passed in 1977.  It’s been in existence for thirty-one years, for most of that time it caused no problems, and it doesn’t require anybody to make loans to people with bad credit; it says you shouldn’t ignore neighborhoods.  In fact, if you look at the entities that are covered by the Community Reinvestment Act…they haven’t been the ones that have gotten in trouble.  The bad mortgage loans weren’t made by the regulated entities, the banks.” What about J. P. Morgan Chase, or Bank of America, or Wells Fargo?  Those are banks and they gave out bad loans.  The truth is, “the regulated entities” have cried out for mercy from the CRA.  This was one of the main factors that forced the financial meltdown to occur, instead, however, Barney defends it.

Former Vice President Albert Gore

Al Gore, a former Vice President of the United States and now “climate change” advocate, has made many controversial comments on the issue of “global warming.”  But maybe most controversial are the number of whoppers he’s told in support of his theory.

For example, in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore talks about how the sea levels will rise by “20 feet” if we don’t do something soon.  I admit that Al Gore is right…if he wants to stick around and watch it for more than 2000 years!  Let me explain.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data from Fort Pulaski, Ga., just one typical example says that the sea level in that area is rising at a rate of .98 feet per century.  Hmmm, that is hardly the dramatic ice-cap melting rate of Al Gore’s movie.  (For your information, information from Seward, Alaska says that that area has a sea level rising at the extent of -0.57 feet per century.)  Quite a blatant, outspoken, and regularly repeated, lie, one that former VP Gore has used to promote his own personal, and selfish, political agenda.

Moreover, let’s not forget people like Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall, a group of Democrats who ran New York for years by bribes and extortion and made New York the bellwether of political corruption.  Also, let us not forget the incident where then-Rep. William Jefferson, another Liberal, was busted for having $90,000 in cash stuffed in his freezer.  Then there was that little incident of President Bill Clinton’s perjury during the Monica Lewinsky Scandal, and dare I mention Whitewater?  Or maybe it was Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s near-selling of a United States Senate Seat, his proverbial “roughing up” of a hospital for money, and the threatening of the Tribune company?  Or maybe it was Gov. Elliott Spitzer’s corrupt activity of hiring a prostitute and transferring her to Washington D.C.. And this is just the beginning of the list.
The political lie is a sad thing.  Not only does it twist the truth, but it helps one pursue your political agenda without many Americans getting the full picture.  Nancy Pelosi has given Americans another world-class lie to look at, and, I hope, Americans will look at her statements analytically instead of blindly.


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