Dirty Politics in a Golden State

Let’s not mince words. California is in the crapper, not just culturally, or socially, but economically and fiscally. And the politicians in charge of putting us there want us, the citizens and non-citizens of this state, to vote for massive tax increases to keep funding the spending fiesta. That is the truth, as real as the tar that stuck my and my children’s feet as we visited a beach on Saturday, and ultimately that is the fix.

No state is as blessed with natural resources as California. We have thousands of acres of verdant farmland, a very willing work force made up of illegal aliens, a billion dollar a year  porn industry, a strong plastic surgery sector and a thriving legal profession, driven almost exclusively by Hollywood divorces (Mel Gibson’s will run $1billion dollars) and of course overseas adoptions of third world children by addlepated Hollywood starlets. All of this economic growth, however, is eclipsed by the oil bubbling up from the sea floor just miles from the California coast. Billions of dollars, all of it ready to be drilled, pumped and used as God intended, sits parked miles from the Golden State, and we cannot touch a drop.

Instead, the politicos in Washington and San Francisco and Sacramento say “no.” Instead we must pay increasing taxes and be forced to vote for a bevy of propositions which hand we the taxpayers the gun and ask ourselves to pull the trigger. Politicos in California are asking us to pull the trigger ourselves — that is how swishy they are.

This isn’t just a little bit of oil, folks, we are talking about:

  • Nearly 11 billion barrels of undiscovered oil and 19 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered gas in the region may be recoverable using existing technology.
  • Relatively large volumes of undiscovered oil may exist offshore central and southern California, due largely to the presence of Monterey-type strata, which are potential source and reservoir rocks.
  • Half of the undiscovered, conventionally recoverable oil and gas in the region may be economically recoverable under existing conditions.


The state of California has enough oil and potential proceeds to fund gay marriage, clean needle exchanges for addicts, drug legalization, invisibility cloaks, tattoo abatement, gang reeducation, freeway repaving and whatever other bizarre policies these political trollops can come up with. IF WE ONLY TAP IT.

I wasn’t kidding; the amount of tar on the beaches of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties is massive. At first, you think the flecks and globs of tar are burnt wood chips, but in reality, it’s oil, accumulating at the waterline — hey doesn’t someone call that pollution? The SEA FLOOR IS LEAKING oil and we cannot touch it — hello?

Mother nature is our biggest polluter.

And still California politicians would rather have us vote to fund the government by allowing them to borrow on future lottery sales, tapping the children’s mental health fund, and increasing gas taxes, taxes on tires, and taxes on sporks at Taco Bell — anything but the one thing that makes sense.  That is what is so maddening about the golden state. We have the gold; we just need to go get it. But don’t do that, a beach might get polluted — oh wait, they already are.

Welcome to California.  Come and enjoy our polluted beaches and polluted thinking.