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We had to limit ourselves to ten...


Top 10 Reasons to Scorn Nancy Pelosi

We had to limit ourselves to ten…

1. Attacked the Bush administration for waterboarding terrorists even though she was briefed on the practice and did nothing.  

2. Sent a so-called stimulus package to President Obama that was filled with pork and didn’t give members of Congress time even to read it. 

3.Vocally opposed the Iraq surge in 2007.  

4. Undercut the Bush administration by traveling to Syria and then misstating the Israeli position in talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad.  

5. Insisted on using large military aircraft for her own travels, treating the Air Force like her personal airline. 

6. Pushed for an increase in the minimum wage that sought to exclude American Samoa, where Del Monte Foods (headquartered in Pelosi’s district) is a major employer.  

7. Has failed to effectively police her Democratic caucus with members Jane Harmon (spies and wiretaps scandal), John Murtha (earmarks for contributions) and Charles Rangel (tax evasion) under suspicion for misconduct. 

8. Supports reinstating the Fairness Doctrine for broadcasters.

9. Wants to reinstitute the assault-rifle ban and place restrictions on the manufacture, sales and ownership of guns. 

10. Despite her Roman Catholic faith, she is rabidly in favor of extending abortion rights. 

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