Happy Mother's Day

Maybe it’s just that I myself have so often been referred to as a “mother” of sorts. Maybe not. All I do know is that a good person celebrates Mother’s Day everyday. I do.

Ma Nuge, as she was affectionately called for many years, remains a powerful, positive, guiding force in my life to this very day, even though she has been gone now for twenty one years. Her spirit and incredible sense of humor is with me each and every day, and when craziness erupts in this wild world we live in, which is pretty much every few minutes, it’s reassuring to have one’s mother right there when you need her. That’s what mothers do.

Growing up in those magical post WWII glory days, I was just plain lucky to be brought up in a functioning, orderly, and most importantly, loving household. Dad worked hard and constantly, and so did mom. She was the quintessential stay at home mom, and her ubiquitous, upbeat presence was the perfect counterpoint to dad’s militant discipline. Talk about ying and yang.

Our home was always spic and span, and each night we all sat down to a terrific home cooked meal. Mom was the master of the kitchen, and all us kids have learned to celebrate the fine art of cooking. Is there anything more important?

My mother’s sense of humor was off the charts. When she and her sister Nancy got together with their guitars, all bets were off. They would turn every family gathering into a laugh infested hootenanny that everyone cherished.

When I passionately began to pursue the not so welcomed life of rock-n-roll music, it was my wonderful mother, Marion Dorothy Nugent, who pushed and encouraged me to put my heart and soul into it. She attended many band rehearsals and nearly all of our performances. She genuinely loved the energy of the music and became the community mother for many aspiring new bands.

I am twice blessed and celebrate Mother’s Day with twice the enthusiasm, for now my amazing wife Shemane is once again performing Mother of the Year duties with our son Rocco in much the same way as my mother did with me. Her love is magnificent and manifests itself in relentless devotion to bringing Rocco up into a fine young man.

Oh yeah, and man can she cook!

Everybody who comes into contact with Rocco gushes about what a wonderful, kind, polite young man he is. As he now pursues his gung-ho American Dream, his sense of belonging, family and undying support from his family prods him to be the best that he can be, mind his “P’s” and “Q’s”, conduct himself like a gentleman and always do the right thing. So called “peer pressure” hasn’t got a chance with our son. His mother doesn’t smother him, but almost. Shemane literally lives to mother her son.

So here’s to the great mothers in my life, my mom, Shemane, sister Kathy, and my two daughters Sasha and Starr as they raise wonderful families of their own in the great Nugent tradition. I sent them all flowers and tsunami’s of love, but when it comes right down to it, I make sure I constantly remind them that every day is mother’s day, and we all owe them all the love we can muster each and every day of our lives. Godbless all the mothers out there, and Happy Mothers Day every day.