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Ten bright ideas...


Top 10 Steps to Energy Independence

Ten bright ideas…

1. Drill, baby, drill: Open ANWR, the Gulf of Mexico and the outer continental shelf to oil and natural gas production.

2. Nuclear power: Environmentalists who are alarmists about alleged man-made global warming and yet oppose building new nuclear power plants are hypocrites. If France can build nuke plants, why not the U.S?

3. Oil shale: We have more shale oil in U.S. mountains than the Saudis have oil in their reserves.

4. Kill Cap-and-trade: This bill is nothing more than a huge, job-destroying energy tax.

5. Yucca Mountain: A perfect place for a repository for our nuclear waste materials (see No. 2). Build it now.

6. Wind power: Not reliable and very expensive, but let T. Boone Pickens build his wind-power facilities. (And for good measure, build one off of Cape Cod just to annoy the Kennedys.)

7. Coal: The President has said, if we can put a man on the moon, we should be able to burn coal cleanly. We already can, and should burn more. We have a huge supply.

8. Electric grid: Rebuilding the nation’s electric grid to cut energy waste is one of the few sensible projects in the so-called “stimulus” legislation.

9. Solar power
: While it will never produce as much power as its proponents say, why not use it when there are no taxpayer subsidies.

10. Conservation
: As your parents told you: Turn off the lights when you leave the room. Every little bit helps.

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