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Top 10 Things to Fear in the Next Three Years and 265 Days

Get ready…

1. Energy: Obama’s “cap and trade” plan will mean higher energy bills for all Americans.

2. Taxes: Obama has already proposed $2.4 trillion in new taxes. Expect more tax increases as the deficit widens.

3. Inflation: With the government printing presses covering trillions in deficits, expect inflation to come roaring back.

4. Judges: It’s only a matter of time before a Supreme Court seat opens up. Do NOT expect another John Roberts or Samuel Alito.

5. Health care: Obama won’t stop until we have universal health care. Good luck getting a doctor’s appointment, especially if you’re over 50.

6. Debt: Obama’s budget envisions trillions in annual deficits for the next decade — that will pile a mountain of debt on future generations.

7. Spending: Obama has already proposed $4.27 trillion in new spending that doesn’t even include many of his costly plans for education, health and energy.

8. Appointments: Obama has already crammed hundreds of left-wing ideologues into his administration and he still has many more appointments to make.

9. Abortion: Obama will continue to strip away protections for the unborn.

10. Foreign Policy: Caving on missile defense and cutting our air strength. Palling around with Hugo Chavez. Protocol gaffes. It’s hard to believe the President’s naïveté in foreign policy will not produce an international crisis.

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