Radicals Run Obamaland

Not surprisingly, Barack Obama, who was the most liberal member of the last Senate, is now filling his administration with dozens of liberal activists, many of whom have been associated with left-wing policies and organizations. Here, in alphabetical order, is a sampling of the most egregious, so far:

Rosa Brooks — Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy: Brooks, whose previous associations include Open Society Institute, George Soros‘ philanthropic foundation, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International USA, strongly opposed U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her invective as a free-lance columnist for the Los Angeles Times included calling the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who helped sink Kerry’s presidential campaign “a right-wing goon squad,” and labeling President George W. Bush “The torturer in-chief.”

Carol Browner — White House adviser for energy and climate change, the so-called “the global-warming czar”: Another retread from the Clinton Administration where she was head of the EPA, Browner was listed as one of 14 leaders of the socialist Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for “global governance”

Jonathon Z. Cannon — Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Cannon, who worked for the EPA’s General Counsel for Litigation under Bill Clinton, has focused his career on environmental law issues and was a campaign contributor to the presidential campaigns of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Steven Chu — Secretary of Energy: The former University of California at Berkeley professor and Nobel laureate calls himself a friend of former Vice President Al Gore and supports shutting down the Yucca Flats Nuclear Waste Storage Facility. An early advocate of various “solutions” to global warming, he will be dispersing $39 billion from the stimulus package on alternative energy projects.

Hillary Clinton — Secretary of State: Has virtually no foreign policy experience. During her husband’s presidency, she made disastrous attempt at overhauling the health care system.

Shaun Donovan — Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
: Formerly New York City housing commissioner, Donovan supports rent control, tax changes that will hurt owners of rental housing, increased housing density and policies that will force taxpayers to subsidize homeowners who made bad financial decisions on their mortgages.

Arne Duncan — Secretary of Education: Former CEO of Illinois Public Schools advocated segregating gay students in separate schools and avoided antagonizing teachers’ unions. Duncan is one of the most fervent anti-gun advocates in Washington.

Rahm Emanuel — White House Chief of Staff: A senior White House advisor in the Clinton Administration, the über-partisan and very liberal former Rep. Emanuel (lifetime American Conservative Union rating only 16%)will be the main attacker of GOP congressional opponents of Obama’s agenda.

Timothy Geithner — Secretary of the Treasury: Geithner, as the inexperienced head of the New York Fed came up with the bailout of Bear Stearns that many feel set off the banking-investment crisis. Geithner employed an illegal alien and failed to pay more than $40,000 in payroll taxes before his appointment.

U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton — Nominated for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals: Hamilton is a former fundraiser for ACORN and former leader of the Indiana chapter of the ACLU. He was put on the district court bench by President Clinton even though he had no judicial experience. He litigated against the Children’s Internet Protection Act, argued for the use of foreign law, and is rated not qualified by the American Bar Association.

Eric H. Holder Jr. — Attorney General: A U.S. attorney under Bill Clinton, Holder was criticized for failing to raise objections to the pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich, and labeled the United States a nation of cowards when dealing with race relations. He also argued in favor of upholding the onerous D.C. gun restrictions.

John P. Holdren — Director of the Office of Science and Technology: Previously a professor of Environmental Science and Policy at Harvard, Holdren once claimed that a warming-induced catastrophe is imminent. Critics note Holdren’s penchant for apocalyptic predictions that never come to pass. Holdren advocates mandatory abortions to control population.

Lisa P. Jackson — Environmental Protection Agency Administrator: Advocates regulations holding industry accountable for global warming.

Dawn Johnsen — Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel: Previously a lawyer for National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws and the American Civil Liberties Union, Johnsen drew a hard line against a legislative compromise on parental involvement in a minor’s decision to undergo an abortion, taking the position in a Supreme Court brief that pregnancy is comparable to involuntary servitude.

Elena Kagan — Solicitor General of the United States: As Harvard Law Dean, Kagan booted military recruiters off of the Harvard Law campus because of the Pentagon’s policy regarding gays in the military.

Gil Kerlikowske — Director of the Office of National Drug Control: Kerlikowske’s tenure as Seattle police chief was criticized for ordering a police stand-down during the 2001 Mardi Gras riots that led to numerous assaults and a killing.

Harold Knox — Appointed to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships: Knox called Pope Benedict XVI and certain Roman Catholic bishops discredited leaders, is a militant gay activist who also said the Knights of Columbus are “foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression” because they supported California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative to amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

Harold Koh — Legal Advisor to the State Department
: Holds the belief that American courts should refer to foreign law in interpreting our Constitution.

Ray LaHood — Secretary of Transportation: The longtime congressman from Illinois was one of only three House Republicans who did not sign the 1994 Contract with America. LaHood’s critics claim he lacks the experience to effectively lead the nation’s transportation plans and oversee the auto industry bailout program.

Jane Lubchenco — Chief of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: The Oregon State University marine ecologist and former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science is a proponent of rationing green house gases to control alleged man-made global warming.

The Rev. Otis Moss Jr. — Appointed to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
: Moss has said: “When we think of Jamestown, we must think of the triple holocaust that came out of Jamestown,” the “African holocaust, the Native-American holocaust and the African-American holocaust.”

Janet Napolitano — Secretary of Homeland Security
: Napolitano insulted military veterans in a slanderous report with unsubstantiated accusations of possible radical activities by veterans. The report warns DHS agents to place anyone, civilian or military, with a conservative bumper sticker on their car under added scrutiny as potential threats to the nation’s security.

Susan Rice — United Nations Ambassador: This former assistant secretary of State supports ceding the United States’ sovereignty to the International Criminal Court, raising the possibility that American political and military leaders could be prosecuted before the ICC on charges of committing atrocities without the protections afforded by our Constitution and laws.

Ken Salazar — Secretary of the Interior: Former liberal Democratic Colorado senator, Salazar earned a perfect 100 score in 2008 from the League of Conservation Voters and has opposed oil shale leases in Western United States.

Kathleen Sebelius — Secretary of Health and Human Services
: As governor of Kansas, Sebelius deferred funding for education, leaving the state with a projected debt of billions of dollars. Sebelius, a Roman Catholic supporter of abortion rights, has criticized the Iraq war, and is another Obama nominee who failed to fully pay her taxes.

Hilda Solis — Secretary of Labor
: Former very liberal California Democratic Rep. Solis, who has a lifetime ACU Rating of only 2%, spearheaded the 1996 minimum wage increase and has been a major recipient — $903,550 — of organized labor campaign contributions and is certain to be biased toward big unions during her tenure.

Thomas L. Strickland — Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife for the Department of the Interior: Strickland is known for his anti-gun policies, including supporting a ban on firearms in National Parks.