The Social Revolution Rolls On, While They Were Sleeping

While everybody is watching the economic meltdown and socialist power grab,
President Obama and the Nancy Pelosi Congress are ramming through a dizzying array of radical appointees, agency rules and social legislation.

“Voters aren’t interested in fighting the social-issue battles right now,” Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia told Bloomberg News. “They want their politicians focused like a laser on the economy.”

Well, yes. Especially if nobody knows about the other stuff. If someone sets fire to your wallet, it might distract you long enough for the thugs to haul your kids away to the transgender reprogramming center.

Sabato said of Obama, that “while the country isn’t paying attention to social issues, he can move the ball down the field in the Democratic direction.”

Yes, he can.  And with lightning speed. With a few notable exceptions, Obama’s radical social agenda has been ignored even by conservative talk radio hosts, who are devoting virtually all their airtime to the economy.

Few have reported that within two days after Obama’s inauguration, the White House Web site posted an extensive homosexual political agenda, including a federal hate crimes bill, a federal gay jobs bill, federal recognition of same-sex partners, the overturning of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), and lifting the military’s ban on open homosexuality.
In more normal times, and if the media were not a subsidiary of the homosexual and abortion movements, this would have been news. So would Obama’s overturning the Mexico City policy that forbade U.S. tax dollars from going to groups that promote abortion overseas. Or his reversal of bipartisan welfare reform, returning America to the destructive policy of bribing girls to have babies out of wedlock.

The president did get some coverage of his move to open the floodgates for embryonic stem cell research, but the media ignored the more than 70 medical advances made with adult stem cells, and conflated the two, confusing the public.

In California, people are being pushed out of jobs and seeing their home addresses publicized because they donated to the Prop. 8 marriage campaign. This should be a very hot news story, but it’s not.

How many Americans know about the steady stream of radical Obama appointees getting the U.S. Senate’s rubber stamp, with GOP help? The Justice Department is beginning to resemble Happy Hour at the Kinsey Institute.

David Ogden has a long record of serving the porn and abortion industries and for the radical homosexual lobby. He even filed a brief defending a child pornographer in a 1993 case that got Attorney General Janet Reno reprimanded by both houses of Congress.  
Ogden’s nomination as Deputy Attorney General sailed through the Senate on March 12 with a vote of 65-28, aided by 11 Republicans, including presidential nominee John McCain, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, and Ohio’s George Voinovich.

Elena Kagan is the new Solicitor General, the second most powerful legal authority. As Harvard Law School dean, she filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to overturn the Solomon Amendment, which requires colleges accepting federal funds to allow military recruiters. Kagan wants the military to open its ranks and barracks to homosexuals. With “yes” votes from seven Republicans, the Senate affirmed her 61 to 31 on March 19.
Responsible for all litigation on behalf of the United States in the Supreme Court and federal appellate courts, Kagan has enormous potential to help unravel the moral order. Even Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), who voted for Ogden, opposed her.

Obama has nominated Dawn Johnsen to be Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel. Johnsen was a staff counsel for the ACLU and legal director for the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL). Obama also nominated Thomas Perrelli to be Associate Attorney General. Perrelli was the lawyer for Michael Schiavo, who had his brain-damaged wife Terri taken off life support against the wishes of her brother and parents. Perrelli was confirmed by the Senate on March 12.

On March 17, Obama nominated uber-liberal U.S. District Judge David Hamilton of Indiana to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Hamilton had struck down an Indiana law requiring a waiting period for abortions, and also ruled against a “sectarian” Christian prayer opening the state legislature. Led by the New York Times, which parroted the Obama handouts, the media promptly misidentified Hamilton as a “moderate.” Some GOP senators said they might filibuster.

Over at the Office of Personal Management, which oversees 1.9 million federal employees, Obama has nominated M. John Berry, the openly homosexual director of the National Zoo. Berry initiated a number of pro-homosexual employee policies during his tenure.

Meanwhile, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Ct.), who some conservative pundits floated as a possible GOP vice presidential nominee, is teaming with Maine’s pro-homosexual Republican Sen. Susan Collins in crafting a bill to provide marital-type benefits for same-sex federal employees. Marriage? That’s a quaint leftover from a bygone era. 

With the Obama-worshiping media fixated on the economy, very little of this has gotten out. Few people seem to realize that long after the economy recovers, the government’s radical social agenda will be destroying the family and turning traditional morality into a form of bigotry punishable by law.

If you think government is too big now, just wait until all the pieces are in place for the  Brave New Sexual Order. It’s coming soon to a school – and police station, and military base – near you.