Shall We Texans Secede?

The men who donned Indian costumes and took part in the original Boston Tea party weren’t a bunch of un-serious boobs performing for the media. They were committing an act compelled by their real, honest-to-God human condition. Like the people of Europe and beyond, with independence burning in their souls, determined to escape the shackles of slavery and tyranny, daring to take on an unknown world for their driving instincts to practice the religion of their choice, freely speak their minds, keep and bear arms and pursue their own happiness, the original Tea Party participants needed to make it crystal clear that the British goons who followed them to the Brave New World would not be allowed to impose the limitations on our God-given rights that we came to America to get away from.

From British oppression — taxation without representation — those new Americans made their stand. Though they desperately tried to be nice about it in Boston, the oppressors didn’t take the hint.

Of course we all know that the next giant step back to slavery by the Brits was their violent attempt to cross Concord Bridge to take away Americans’ guns, forcing free men into unarmed helplessness. Knowing that to be an unacceptable, irresponsible condition, good citizens responded appropriately. Hence, the Shot Heard Round the World.

And what a lovely shot it was. The dominoes of tyranny began to fall, and we Americans seceded from the British Empire.

In 2009 those same basic primal instincts are alive and well in free men across America who will not let the fires of liberty die. With Fedzilla accelerating its gluttonous orgy of unaccountability and ramping up its wanton blow torching of our paychecks with blatant impunity, we the people are once again de-sheeping, stepping forward, and in the grand tradition of Martin Luther King Jr., peaceably marching in protest with the defiant Tea Party spirit of 1773. We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

I arrived at the Alamo early on April 15, and already a glowing, handsome throng of four or five thousand Texans were gathered at the West wall of the Shrine of Texas. Smiling people of every description, ethnicity, color, creed, size, shape and spirit were assembled to make their voices heard. I needed to warm up my American guitar in order to unleash the properly orchestrated emotional soundtrack for such an event on such hallowed grounds, and the vision of Col. Travis drawing a line in the sand was powerfully present.

After a brief, uppity exchange with the crowd, I rendezvoused with a group of Federal, state and local law enforcement friends and some wounded heroes of the US Military for a fine San Antonio Mexican lunch, where I loaded up on a gargantuan wave of inspiration from all these amazing warriors. After all, that they make such incredible sacrifices for our freedoms drives us to exercise them in respect to their service.

Back at Ground Zero, speakers were firing up the crowd with shared logic, self evident truth and “we the people” reminders that runaway government corruption can be reversed if we are truly serious about making it happen.

By now the crowd was approaching ten thousand plus, and the overall positive spirit intensified.

This activism was taking place all over America, in city after city, town after town, where good, decent hard working families unified with a message to demand accountability from our elected employees. Such extremism.

Fresh from declaring Tenth Amendment sovereignty for the Great Republic of Texas, the good Governor Rick Perry had just fired up 7000 exuberant Texans in Fort Worth with a battle cry of unambiguous resolve to put an end to Fedzilla intrusion in the land of Davy Crocket, Col. Travis, Jim Bowie and Sam Houston. There was something very special in the air, and those media talking heads who dare to claim otherwise, are committing journalistic suicide. So be it. Only the guilty need feel guilty, and I’m sure they do.

I spent the midday hours with Glenn Beck on his FOX News television show, toured the Alamo with my son, then gave my own heartfelt speech to the masses and unfurled a passion-fired rendition of the National Anthem that was touched by the hand of God. Know it.

Now it is my prayer that this exciting, renewed activism, our duty bound participation in this glorious experiment in self government, will throttle forward as more and more people in the asset column of America demand representation from our elected officials, demand our government live by the same rules we the people must live by, force accountability, end the bi-partisan corruption, and once again return to rewarding excellence and teaching that lack of effort and responsible choices have consequences that are none too pleasant.

It would be wise that the Obama administration look to Texas for the upgrade that America needs, instead of following the same suicidal path of Detroit. The choice is clear, and so is the future.

Okay, I guess we Texans won’t secede. We love our country too much to abandon it to the Obama crowd. But it is tempting. If we did secede, you can count on one thing: the border with Mexico would be secured pretty darned fast.


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