Lunatic Left Wrong About Tea Parties

From the theoretically respectable to the far-left fringe, liberals seem to have gone off their medication when it comes to discussion of today’s Tax Day Tea Parties, expected to take place in over 300 cities and towns across the nation.

New York Times “economist” Paul Krugman spent his Monday column about the “tea parties” calling Republicans insignificant and “embarrassing to watch.” He strains what little credibility he has left (among NY Times subscribers, since he’s long past having any with rational people), by trying to tie Tom DeLay’s disbelief in evolution to the genesis (pun intended) of the Tea Parties.

Krugman also claims that the Tea Parties are not “spontaneous outpourings of public sentiment.”  I suppose only rallies organized by ACORN or are “spontaneous”. But Krugman’s point is also wrong on the facts.  Yes, FreedomWorks is helping to centralize Tea Party information so their members and others can learn where to go or even how to organize our own Tea Party protests. But, there is no doubt that these Tea Parties are being organized by people who are truly angry with the direction this nation is going.  

Brian Campbell, the organizer of the Denver tea party, says “I’m a regular guy. I have five children, and I’m concerned about their future.  I heard there were tea parties being started in early February and didn’t see anyone step up to organize one in Denver.”  Campbell decided that he would take on the challenge.

“We’ve kept it as grass roots as we can get.  One guy’s bringing a microphone, another guy’s bring a podium, and another’s bringing tape and clipboards.  Local companies are getting involved too, with a hotel offering a discount rate to Tea Party participants, another shop contributing balloons, and so on."

It turns out, however, that Krugman is actually the sane wing of today’s lunatic left:

Apparently, for the left it’s OK that liberal news outlets refuse to cover events which don’t reflect favorably on Democrats (or big-spending Republicans). But it’s not OK for FOX to cover the events or for conservative purveyors of opinion to use their platforms to support events they believe in.  

The wild-eyed liberal haven has a picture of two teabags with a blurb saying “100% Wingnutty” and a multitude of posts describing participants in today’s events as “Tea Baggers” with that term’s not-so-thinly-veiled references to oral sex.  (For those of you who don’t get the joke, don’t ask.) MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow thought herself outrageously funny doing a whole show segment based on that same gutter humor.

•    Since some of the organizers of the Cincinnati Tea Party live in counties surrounding Cincy rather than in the city itself, the protest is illegitimate.
•    The tea parties are racist. For example: “At this point, ‘socialist’ is some kind of code word for ‘nigger’.”
•     “Right-wing tax protests (were) caught on tape!” Apparently the blogger expected them to be quiet and unobtrusive, while protesting…
•    Or this genius: “Boston Tea Party — a bunch of guys wore a disguise to shift the blame for their illegal acts to a minority group.”  He apparently believes that the colonists dressed as Indians because they just knew the British would assume that some local Mohawks got really really mad about tea imports.
•    And this, which speaks for itself and says about all you need to know about who are the real haters in America: “No more relying on the government and the politicians who all walk with the Star of David flea collar.”

Maybe he’s noticed that over the month from mid-march until today, internet traffic for has surged to surpass traffic to  As for “adolescent”, while I doubt there will be a majority of pre-teens at the Tea Parties, Mr. Sullivan will no doubt be surprised and dismayed by the number of parents who bring their children to witness this small piece of American history.