Tax Protest at the Alamo

Brave, defiant American citizens arming themselves and gathering to stop oppressors, slave drivers, tyrants, despots, punks of every stripe. Doesn’t really matter who these oppressors are: we stop them all. Redcoats forcing taxation without representation or coming to take away our guns, Mexican armies or rioting gangs burning down the neighborhood. Bring it. We don’t really care about the origin of evil, but we know it when we see it, and free men know in our hearts and souls that it must be halted by whatever means necessary.

The Jews failed to take up arms in their own defense in Germany and paid the ultimate price. But Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Col Travis and a ragtag cadre of courageous freedom fighters saw the steamroller of oppression metastasizing from Mexico those many years ago, and they made their gallant stand at the Alamo. One hundred and eighty six militia, rough and tumble squirrel hunters and deer hunters, against thousands of Santa Anna’s army. They held ‘em back for almost two weeks.

These warriors slowed down old Santa Anna just enough for Sam Houston to gather enough strength to break them in the final showdown at San Jacinto, where freedom was a bloody line drawn in the Texas sand. To say Davy and the boys died so that freedom could live is an understatement, and thank God that intense defiant spirit rages on somewhere down below in the belly of an otherwise soft, spoiled nation.

And like the sleeping giant aroused by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, we the American people once again find ourselves with our backs against the wall. It is time to protest a federal government out of control. A corrupt, unaccountable, Constitution-defying gang of bureaucrats running amok, turning on their employers, we the people.

Well organized citizen protests, called Tea Parties, are gaining momentum across America, named after that historical tax protest in Boston Harbor. There is no better place to hold a Texas tea party than in San Antonio at the Old Alamo, the Shrine of Texas.

I will be joining my friends Glenn Beck, the Texas’ good governor Rick Perry, U.S. Navy SEAL hero Marcus Luttrell, and a few thousand like-minded patriots who have not forgotten that America is a glorious experiment in self government, and the time has come for as many “self’s” as possible to stand up and take our country back.

Outraged by the not-so-stimulating spending orgy that no one even read, unauthorized bailouts, a Fedzilla feeding frenzy destroying everything in its gluttonous path, the unbelievable bonfire of wasted tax dollars too huge to imagine, and out-and-out corruption with impunity by bureaucrats gone mad, we the people will peacefully demonstrate our heartfelt concerns, gather with civility, goodwill and decency, this time, to shout it loud and proud that we simply will not take it any more.

With the spirit of Crockett, Bowie, Travis, Heston and Martin Luther King Jr in my soul, I will take the stage at the Alamo around 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 15, as the IRS rages on with their inexplicable abuses and waste mongering, to speak my mind, celebrate freedom and perform a fire-breathing, passionate rendition of the American National Anthem on my American-made guitar, creating a rousing soundtrack for righteous defiance across the land. With hero warriors of the U.S. military in attendance, my guitar will not gently weep.

We hope our fellow Texans join us when I humbly echo the Col Travis’s warrior ethos before the battle of the Alamo, “God and Texas, victory or death.” Let’s get it on.