Obama's Team of Economic Dope Dealers

Tax cheat and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is cooking up economic crack over at the Treasury Department and President Obama is peddling it to America.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Geithner always appear as if he is hiding something? Like all other dope dealers, maybe he is just paranoid about getting caught. Whatever the case, Geithner’s shifty appearance and nervous mannerisms do not exude calm confidence. That’s because he knows he is peddling economic crack.

Neither of these economic crack dealers has ever owned or run a legitimate business in their lives. They know nothing of real-world economics. The economic crack they are cooking up over at the Treasury Department is based on Ivy League economic theory. Which might be judged in context of President Obama’s Ivy League bowling skills.

Theory is important to ivory tower theoreticians. Reality, however, is a much different game. And the reality is that the Obama/Geithner economic crack theory may very well bankrupt the country. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the economic crack these two economic dope dealers have cooked up will increase the national debt by over nine trillion dollars over the next decade. The current debt stands at an eye-popping eleven trillion dollars. Brilliant.

Obama and his team of economic dope dealers want to reform our health care system (meaning they want to take it over and wreck it like Fedzilla does to every other program it gets near), improve education (as if tossing even more education dollars on the inferno of education will magically improve a system that breeds ineptitude), focus on green energy (which will not provide us the energy or the jobs America requires) and cutting the deficit (which was caused by runaway unaccountability worsened by the cult of bailouts and the non-stimulus bill).

While this economic crack may bring smiles to international, socialism nutjubs such as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and American illiterates who remain strung out on Obamamania, the free market recoils in horror.

If this economic crack wasn’t destructive enough, the Obama economic crack dealers are now trying to stick their fingers even further into the free market system by threatening yet more government control over private businesses including setting the salaries of executives. Only a shifty tax cheat and a former community rabble rouser and teleprompter-addicted economic dunce could cook up this much lethal economic crack.

Saddling our economy with trillions more debt over the next decade is committing economic suicide. The Congress is all that stands in the way of Obama’s economic suicide mission. And there is even more bad news on that front. Many of the congressmen have also never run a business and do not understand Economics 101. Moreover, many also believe Fedzilla knows best. They are as economically dangerous — and possibly more — than economic crack dealers Geithner and Obama.

America cannot sustain the economic crack being peddled by Obama and Geithner. Bailouts, non-stimulus packages, Fedzilla shakedowns of businesses, even more Fedzilla control and addiction, and higher taxes are the road to economic ruin. You don’t need to be an economist to recognize this fundamental truism. What you must not do is smoke, swallow or inject the economic crack being peddled by Obama and Geithner.

2010 can come none to soon. Hold those Congressmen accountable who voted to squander America’s economic future by endorsing the economic crack theories of President Obama and Tax Cheat Geithner. Do your American duty and vote the anti-American creeps out of office.