Top 10 Gaffes So Far by Barack Obama and Joe Biden

1. Barack Obama jokes about the disabled on the Jay Leno show. Afterwards, he calls the head of the Special Olympics to apologize.

2. Joe Biden tells a former Senate colleague who addresses him as “Mr Vice-President” to “give me a f—ing break.”

3. Gordon Brown presents the new President with: a pen holder carved from the timbers of HMS Gannett, a sister ship of HMS Resolute; the commissioning certificate of HMS Resolute; and a seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill. In return, the Prime minister gets 25 DVDS, which don’t work in Britain.

4. Joe Biden tells his wife that he had the choice of being either secretary of State or Vice-President — an offer that was news to Obama aides and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when Jill Biden spilled the beans on “Oprah.”

5. A Marine One double. First, on his maiden Marine One trip, Obama breaches protocol and makes life uncomfortable for an enlisted Marine by shaking the serviceman’s hand as he’s saluting his commander-in-chief. Then — Gerald Ford, eat your heart out — Barack Obama bangs his head as he boards his helicopter.

6. Joe Biden jokes about Chief Justice John Roberts’ fluffing the inauguration oath. The President is visibly annoyed with his Veep and Biden later apologizes.

7. Walking in the White House Barack Obama mixes up the windows and doors at his new home.

8. Joe Biden tries to give, but forgets the website address for the White House Internet site designed to show how TARP money is being spent.

9. Barack Obama jokes about Nancy Reagan’s having séances in the White House. He later called her to apologize after the AP noted that although she had consulted astrologers, “she did not hold conversations with the dead.”

10. Just after he’s been sworn in by him, the newly minted Vice President Joe Biden gets the name of Justice John Paul Stephens, “one of the great justices” of the Supreme Court, wrong, calling him “Justice Stewart.”

Courtesy of London’s Daily Telegraph.