Secure Borders at Last

History tells us that when the British army of General Charles Cornwallis marched to its surrender outside Yorktown, Virginia in October 1781, its band kept cadence with marching tunes which included one entitled “The World Turned Upside Down”.

Too bad that band is not around today.  It could get the gig for the Obama Administration’s new plan to enforce the border with Mexico, for it reflects a world truly turned upside down.  You see, the plan is not designed to keep people and things, like illegal aliens and drugs, from coming into the United States.

No, it is intended to keep American people and stuff from going into Mexico, stuff like guns and cash.  In typical Beltway-speak, it has even been given a name — Outward Enforcement.

Now if you have been able to find even the most minimal news coverage of the border crisis (amidst the flood of broadcast time devoted entirely to American Idol and  pondering Michelle Obama’s sleeveless fashion statements), you might have thought that the problem at our Mexican border was too many illegal aliens coming this way and flooding America with an uninvited horde of 12 million law breaking migrants.  (Don’t put too much credence in that 12 million figure, or its latest “official” variant, 11.6 million.  It has been in use since 2004 and would belie the millions that have snuck across since then.  The actual number is 32,346,223.  I only wish the Department of Homeland Security had any data which could prove me wrong.)

You would have also thought that we had significant problems here in the USA coping with this tidal wave of humanity larger than the population of another New York state, like massive welfare expenditures, neighborhood deterioration, foreclosed homes, gang crime, lost tax revenues, stolen jobs, illegal hiring practices, identity theft, and undiscovered terrorists.  While the deaths of 6000 in drug cartel violence in Mexico are a serious matter, there is a stark reality that illegals in the United States are responsible for 2000 to 4000 deaths annually.  With all that, you might conclude that maybe we needed some Inward Enforcement.

Well, according to the Obama Administration and its Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano, you would be wrong.  Although there are scores of existing laws addressing illegal immigration just begging for some enforcement, that failing is not to be addressed.  Even though “homeland security” is their charter mission, all of that flotsam washing into the US in increasing waves is not worthy of their consideration.   

Nope.  With its Outward Enforcement policy, the new mission of the Department of Homeland Security is to protect the homeland security of – Mexico.  Our far too few border agents will be checking people and contraband leaving the US!  They will be checking for cash and guns going south, the latter one of our few American-made exports.

It is with much irony that this protection of Mexico’s security at the expense of American security would be entrusted to Janet Napolitano.  As the feckless governor of Arizona she was a primary obstacle to enforcing any state or federal laws meant to control illegal immigration.  During her tenure Arizona became the main thoroughfare for illegal trafficking.  Phoenix became the second worst city in the world for kidnappings.

Napolitano as governor would often disguise her open borders policies with cosmetic yet ineffectual actions, like sending the Arizona National Guard down to the border, not for any enforcement actions, but to wash and repair Border Patrol trucks, fix their office computers, grade roads, and set up communication links, with a few observation duties thrown in.  No arresting powers or loaded weapons were allowed.

With Peter Principle certitude she has now taken incompetence to the federal level.  When a workplace enforcement raid recently rounded up a host of illegals, Napolitano’s first action was to demand an investigation of the ICE personnel, not the illegals.  Don’t expect too much enthusiasm for enforcement from those chastised ICE agents in the future.  While MS13 gangs flourish across America and drugs finance the cartels’ insurrections, Napolitano takes resources away from interior enforcement for Potemkin displays of border enforcement — Mexico’s borders, not ours.

With much fanfare, the Obama Administration announced their new border scheme of Outward Enforcement this week, the main component of which was assigning 360 agents to this program.  Most of whom are to do liaison, intelligence, or administrative functions.  That’s really comforting.  If the vagabond criminals pass through a DHS field office on their way across the border, they will be caught.

As part of the multi-departmental attack on border violence, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped kick off the campaign with a visit to Mexico where she blamed the USA for Mexico’s problems.  Maybe we can rework the lyrics of South Park’s Academy Award winning “Blame Canada” to “Blame America”.

To be fair, Obama is continuing, but vastly expanding, programs like the Merida Initiative from the Bush era which improved Mexico’s border security, especially its southern border with Guatemala.  Only token priority was given to American border security and workplace enforcement, less it threaten the need for cheap exploited labor and bipartisan pandering for ephemeral illegal alien votes.  But let’s give credit where it’s due.  After years of debate and pleas from the vast majority of American citizens, the Obama Administration is finally about to achieve border security — for Mexico.  Si se puede!