'Green Hell' Coming Soon to a Life Like Yours

Don’t say you were not warned. A new book has debuted just in time to help save the humans from the “save” the Earth crowd. The book serves as a chilling warning to modern society.

Be prepared the next time your child comes home from school with some nice “green” project or attempts to lecture you about how you “should” be doing more “sustainable” activities to “save” the Earth. You will be ready to confront teachers, political leaders, neighbors, and annoying aunts with the astounding new book by Steve Milloy titled Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them.

Milloy, the publisher of the daily must read, has issued the most startling warning to human civilization: that the “green” agenda is in reality an anti-human agenda. The book serves as a comprehensive detailed guide to the command and control agenda of the environmental movement.

Green Hell sounds the alarm unambiguously: “Make no mistake: Living green is really about someone else micro-regulating you — downsizing your dreams and plugging each one of us into a brand new social order for which we never bargained.”

With passages more apt for the horror section at any book store, Milloy lays out the threat from the looming green menace. “Green ideologues are bursting with an impatient zeal to begin dictating, through force of law, your mobility, diet, home energy use, the size of your home, how far you can travel, and even how many children you can have.”

Milloy reveals how the well-funded eco-alarmist industry is literally hell bent on a “permanent restructuring of life as you know it.”  

Despite the fact that the science behind global warming fears continues to be rebutted by growing numbers of prominent scientists and in peer-reviewed scientific journals, the political “consensus” appears about to commit the U.S. and the world to a massive tax and regulations of the economy. After all, as Milloy points out, science has never stood in the way of the green agenda before and they are licking their tofu at the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance their agenda dramatically” under Barack Obama — the nation’s “first green President.”

“The greens, you see, have personalized climate change. It’s your fault. It’s your commute, your home, your purchase. Even your eating is a problem,” Milloy writes. “In sum, the better you have it — the more immoral you are,” he adds.

Smart growth? Milloy reveals it as “the ultimate in Soviet-style central planning.”  

The modern flush toilet? Milloy reports it is considered “unsustainable” and should be discouraged with a “toilet tax and replaced by a “dry” toilet.

Running out of food? Milloy notes that “we have so much corn we can afford to turn it into ethanol and burn it as fuel. We have so much farmland that the federal government actually pays farmers $1.8 billion per year not to grow crops on 34 million acres in order to prop up prices.”

Enjoy controlling the temperature of your own home? You may not have that “luxury” in the future. Milloy reports The California Energy Commission “proposed the installation in home of ‘programmable control thermostats’ that would be controlled remotely by utility companies.”

Worried your kids are being indoctrinated into being young little foot soldiers in the green agenda? To borrow a phrase from Time magazine: “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.” Milloy reports that the green movement has recruited young children and is “using them strategically as cute, cuddly messengers of planetary doom.”

Worried about energy? Milloy reports that unfounded climate hysteria may make California-style “rolling blackouts” part of your very near future.  “Of the more than 150 coal plant proposals submitted” in 2007, “an astounding fifty-nine of the proposed plants were cancelled, abandoned, or put on hold.”

Green Hell reveals that abundant and affordable energy is the cornerstone of a prosperous life. Before the widespread use of carbon based energy, life was nasty, brutish and short.

Milloy points out that global warming may be a moral issue after all. Depriving the residents of the developing world from affordable energy and modern necessities based on unfounded eco-fears is nothing short of immoral. Milloy reports that New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman recently “cried out to India, ‘No, No, No, Don’t Follow Us’” in response to India’s plan to introduce the $2500 car to the general public.

But, is it “moral” for white wealthy Westerners to preach “Don’t Follow Us” to the estimated 1.6 billion people of color in the developing world who lack running water and electricity?

Green Hell serves as a guide, a warning and a reality check to those worried about uncorrupted science and, quite simply, human life. Mankind must not forget that carbon based economies have been one of the greatest liberators of mankind in the history of our planet.

Life used to be nasty, brutish and short before widespread use of carbon based energy. The unprecedented advances in the 20th century stands as a testament to carbon based energy. Will the developing nations’ poor residents be allowed to prosper like the Western world or will they descend into a “Green Hell” of poverty, misery and death?  Green Hell serves as wake up call against complacency and a guide to battle the anti-human green juggernaut.