Mr. President, Don't Mess With Texas

You may have noticed I am a big fan of rugged individualism, self-reliance, individual freedoms, liberty, self-determination and defiance — heavy on the defiance.

These are all uniquely American characteristics that are hard-wired into our genes thanks to our amazing, defiant forefathers. You must never forget that our forefathers courageously sailed across an unknown ocean, to an unknown land to establish a country free of tyranny, kings and emperors. They risked their lives, fortunes and families to create America, a radical experiment in self government.

In gaining our freedom, they wrote our Constitution that limited the power and authorities of the federal government. They were smart enough even back then to know that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that unless government is fenced it, it’ll roam all over individual liberty.

When writing the Bill of Rights they wrote the Tenth Amendment. Now I am no lawyer or windbag law maker, but I find the words of the Tenth Amendment easy to understand: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or simply put, by We the People.

You need not be a constitutional scholar to know the Tenth Amendment was clearly written to limit the abusive growth of power by the federal government. As Thomas Jefferson stated, “The States should be left to do whatever they can do as well as the federal government.” The current gang of political punks, scoundrels and crooks in Washington DC are not worthy to stand in the shadow of the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Memorial in DC.

In an attempt to weaken the roles and responsibilities of the states, Fedzilla has worked tirelessly over the years to destroy the Tenth Amendment by arguing the Commerce Clause of the Constitution is more important and relevant than the Tenth Amendment. As we have witnessed, Fedzilla has grown exponentially and has become a repressive force in every facet of our lives.

But there is hope for freedom, liberty and the rights of states to determine their own destinies. Even though it is on life support, there is a faint heart beat left in the Tenth Amendment. And the Great Republic of Texas, under the leadership of the good Governor Rick Perry, is joining the sixteen other states that have already made their defiant, sovereign statement of autonomy in the right way.

These states have now evoked the Tenth Amendment and declared their sovereignty to put the brakes on Emperor Obama’s mob-like fiscal mandates in a dangerous attempt to strangle the liberty out of states by forcing states to accept the so-called stimulus money and thereby become slaves to Fedzilla control.

A very fundamental grasp of economics is all that is required to know that in times of economic slow downs the very last thing that should be done is to increase government spending and to raise taxes on the producers, which is the exact course Emperor Obama has taken–and it is killing the economy, eliminating jobs, and will dramatically slow down our economic recovery.

Atlas is shrugging even more under the weight of the largest federal spending orgy in modern times. This immoral spending spree has wiped out 30 percent of the stock market since Emperor Obama’s inauguration. With this unprecedented gluttony, Emperor Obama is bankrupting the future of our children and grandchildren. Nice change, Emperor. By the way, you have no clothes and it hurts to look at you.

Perry is doing the right thing, for of all the states, Texas must never allow itself to become a slave to Washington, D.C. Instead, we must chart our own economic destiny and recovery by refusing the stimulus money, freezing state spending, cutting state taxes across the board, and offering tax incentives to existing and new businesses.

Additionally, I urge Perry to immediately call a conference of Texas business leaders and request they develop a Texas Economic Roadmap for Recovery. Let Texas lead the way.

Like a flooded river that has left its banks, Fedzilla has trampled on the Constitution by ignoring the Tenth Amendment. Texas is reminding Fedzilla that our founding fathers wrote the Tenth Amendment for the very ugly reasons we are witnessing today. Emperor Obama’s economic tyranny must be stopped. We must tell Emperor Obama to not mess with Texas. Don’t tread on me or any of us.

In the spirit of the brave defenders who gave birth to Texas by giving their lives at the Alamo, I say, “Remember the Tenth Amendment!”