No Cost Stimulus Being Announced Today

The first so-called “stimulus” package cost each American family about $18,000.  But the Democrats aren’t done.  After a conference with economists yesterday, Speaker Pelosi indicated she’d be open to a second spending spree in an amount to be determined.

Republicans – incorrectly being blamed for having no alternatives – are again proposing legislation that (a) would stimulate the economy and (b) not cost the taxpayers a dime.

An increase in GDP and creating more than 2 million long term, sustainable jobs without spending trillions of dollars sounds impossible during an administration that spends money like a teenage girl. According to several House and Senate sources, this is exactly what Senator Vitter R-LA and Congressman Shadegg R-AZ propose in their No Cost Stimulus Act of 2009. 

The bill proposes opening off-shore drilling and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) zones by not only lifting moratoriums, but mandating the government to move forward with their lease programs on the land. As stated in section 203 of the bill specifically, it is required that the first lease sale occur within 22 months after enactment of this bill.

HUMAN EVENTS will be there to cover the announcement of the bill later today.