Dancing to Big Labor's Tune

After spending an astounding $61 million to elect Democrats in the 2008 elections, union bosses are getting their payback this week.

Yesterday, so-called “Card Check” legislation was introduced in both the House and the Senate.  

Card Check strips American workers of the right to a secret ballot and gives the federal government the right to impose labor contracts on workers.

The timing of this assault on the freedom of the American workplace could not be worse.  A new study shows that for every three workers coerced into joining a union under Card Check, one job will be eliminated by besieged American businesses.  

Card Check Could Eliminate 600,000 Jobs In Its First Year

That means that an estimated 600,000 jobs could be lost due to Card Check in the first year alone — and that’s on top of the over four million jobs already lost to the flagging economy.  

Card Check is a job killer.  Even Obama supporter Warren Buffet opposes it, saying “I think the secret ballot is pretty important in the country.  I’m against card check.”  Watch him here.  

But as far as Big Labor is concerned, a deal’s a deal.  Their goal is to get their allies in Washington to ram Card Check through Congress this week, before anyone notices that American workers and businesses are losing fundamental rights.  

That’s why we need to act, and we need to act now at

Biden to Unions:  “You All Brought Me to the Dance…It’s Time We Start Dancing”

What’s happening in Washington this week is old style, quid-pro-quo politics – the kind President Obama pledged as a candidate to end.  Supporters of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (that’s their Orwellian name for Card Check) claim to be all about protecting American workers.  

But leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to inadvertently tell the truth.

In a meeting with the AFL-CIO last week, Biden made it clear who’s calling the shots when it comes to American workers, businesses and jobs.  He told the gathering of union big-wigs:

“You all brought me to the dance a long time ago, and it’s time we start dancing.”

82% of Democrats Oppose Eliminating the Secret Ballot

For big labor and their allies in Washington, it’s time to start dancing — and dancing fast.

Vice President Biden and the union bosses hope to duplicate with Card Check the Obama Administration’s success in rushing the mammoth $787 billion stimulus bill through Congress so quickly most members never had time to read it.

The reason they have to act quickly is simply this:  The vast majority of Americans — 77 percent of Republicans, 82 percent of Democrats and 79 percent of independents — oppose what they’re trying to do. (Source)

Not only that, but the latest surveys show that a full 82 percent of Americans say they don’t want to belong to a union.

The Stakes Are High This Week

But it’s precisely this kind of pro-secret ballot, pro-freedom sentiment among the American people that makes union bosses so eager to pass Card Check.

Under Card Check, union organizers and their enforcers will be able to go into any small business, hospital or construction site and coerce workers into signing cards.  If they get 50 percent plus one, the deal’s done, and the workers are forced into a union.  And if management and the new union fail to reach a negotiated contract, the federal government will just impose one.  Coerced unionization allows for what is effectively a new, unaccountable form of forced taxation.  Workers will have a portion of their paycheck going to the union to be spent as the bosses see fit, including political donations to parties and candidates that the workers may not even support.  

Talk about an “offer you can’t refuse.”  There’s no vote.  No secret ballot.  No right to freely negotiate the contract.  The workers, the workplace, and a portion of the worker’s paychecks are controlled by the union bosses.  

For Americans like you and me, the stakes are high this week.  Hanging in the balance are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs, not to mention fundamental freedoms like the ability of small businesses to create and sustain jobs, the freedom of American workers to have a say in how their workplace is organized, and the freedom of American workers to freely choose whether they want to give money to politicians and political parties.

Congress Is Holding Hearings This Week
Make Your Voice Heard at

The time to act is now — this week, while Congress holds hearings on Card Check.  

You can make your voice heard by the people who matter most by joining in American Solutions’ “Freedom Not Fear” campaign.

Former Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis has agreed to lead this effort for American Solutions.  You can watch his video here.

Freedom Not Fear is grassroots petition drive to preserve American jobs and preserve the right of the secret ballot for American workers.  Over 80,000 Americans have already gone to and signed the petition, but we need more help.

Remember the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” campaign from last summer?  With your help we were able to change hearts and minds on Capitol Hill about the necessity of using more safe, clean American energy.

We can do the same with Freedom Not Fear.  Congress needs to hear from the sweeping majorities of Americans of all political parties who oppose this massive power grab by Big Labor.  

The union bosses want to silence the voices of American workers and businesses.  Go to today and let them know that we won’t go down without a fight.

Your friend,

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