Republican Spending Freeze Fails in House Vote

In a bold move today, House Republicans attempted to force the Democrat majority to freeze federal government spending at current levels.  Because Senate Democrat leadership failed to get enough votes to pass the porked-up $410 billion omnibus spending bill last night, funding for the federal government runs out today.  A continuing resolution is required to keep the government funded through early next week while the Senate Democrat leadership looks for a patsy to give them the additional vote needed to reach cloture allowing the bill to come up for a vote for final passage.

During the House debate today on the continuing resolution to keep the government funded through early next week, House Republicans offered a simple, straightforward federal spending freeze as a motion to recommit proposal which would hold spending to this year’s levels and, in effect, strip the 9,000 earmarks out of the $410 billion omnibus appropriations bill.  

The motion to recommit would keep the federal government funded for the rest of the fiscal year without the flood of earmarks and the gargantuan appropriation increases in the omnibus sought by the President and Democrat congressional leadership.

The motion failed to pass the House (160-218) with every Republican voting for the measure that would have at least flatted the unrestrained spending spree through the end of the fiscal year.

Eight Democrats voted with the Republicans: Altmire, Childers, Donnelly, Ellsworth, Giffords, Minnick, Mitchell and Nye

26 Republicans and 28 Democrats did not have the courage to vote or were otherwise absent.

On the need to invoke the federal government spending freeze Republican Leader John Boehner told HUMAN EVENTS, “Today’s jobs report showing unemployment over eight percent is another reminder of how badly families and small businesses are hurting.  They’re making difficult budget decisions every day. Shouldn’t Washington have to do the same?  Instead of making tough budget choices, Democrats are going back to taxpayers and asking for more of their money.  It’s time that Washington started making the same difficult budget decisions as the rest of America.  That’s why we need a federal spending freeze.”