The Nuke Answer

Instead of championing wind power as a key component of America’s energy policy, the "green" energy dopes might as well be waging war against windmills like their literary ancestor, Don Quixote.

Someone needs to tell Emperor Obama that America’s energy needs are not blowing in the wind, shining in the sun, making dirty coal clean or whatever other whacky energy nostrum the liberal denial cult may light up and toke on next.

With the demand for electricity rising dramatically in the next decade, only a hopeless stoned hippy or empty-suit Fedzilla bureaucrat could possibly imagine an America that is largely powered by "green" energy, which the Hopeless Obama Pothead Energy Crew (HOPEC) is going spend 15 billion of our tax dollars per year to develop the pot leaf green energies of the future.

HOPEC will fail miserably primarily because their dopey energy policies of harnessing solar, wind, hydro, biofuels, etc., will not meet the electricity requirements of our modern, power-addicted society. Typical of left-wing fantasy addicted dreamers, HOPEC is running toward the wrong energy end-zone.  Logic is an endangered species among the Obama crew.

In order to satisfy some environmental denier, HOPEC is against new drilling for oil in new and promising areas.  As BP chief executive Mr. Hayward wrote in a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the Outer Continental Shelf contains vast, untouched energy reserves — as much as 100 billion barrels of oil.  Drilling for this oil would generate 76,000 new jobs and generate nearly 1.4 trillion in new revenue for Fedzilla by 2030. Wouldn’t want any of that now would we?

Like Mr. Hayward, I don’t believe we can drill our way to energy independence, but it is foolhardy to not tap our vast energy reserves while we bring the real energy boogeyman of HOPEC back to power — nuclear energy.

There is no debate among energy experts and others who have not churned their brains into liberal mush that nuclear power is the safest, cleanest, most efficient power source on the planet.  We have known this for decades, but we just can’t get that Jane Fonda movie out of our paranoid little minds.

While Europe has totally embraced nuclear power, America hasn’t built a new nuclear power plant in decades.   However, the 104 nuke power plants we do have generate 20% of America’s electric power.  Building a couple of hundred more nuke power plants would satisfy all of our future electricity demands.

To add energy insult to injury, as Jack Spence pointed out in a December 27, 2007 op-ed on, America has enough nuclear waste that could be recycled to power every America home for the next twelve years.  Alternatively, France has recycled their nuclear waste and has generated enough power to run the entire country for fourteen years.  

Our nuclear waste is just sitting there, slowly wasting away while — get this — the dopes at HOPEC dream of building tens of thousands of windmills and harnessing the sun. I thought the experiment on drugs was over.

If cheap, clean, efficient energy is the goal for our becoming energy independent, nuclear power is clearly the answer.  Embracing nuclear energy would actually drive down our energy costs and we could sell the additional power to other nations.  Not surprisingly, the Don Quixotes running HOPEC are too stoned, scared or just plain stupid to admit that nuclear power is the answer to meet America’s energy demands.

Go ahead, nuke my day.