Obama Nominates Abortion Industry's Top Governor

Last year, Planned Parenthood boasted in a Wall Street Journal story they would spend an unprecedented $10 million in the 2008 election cycle to make sure they elected strong allies at all levels of government. With the election of President Obama and a long chain of Planned Parenthood affiliated cabinet and staff members, the investment has paid off.

The crown jewel for Planned Parenthood’s portfolio is the appointment of Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas as Secretary of Health and Human Services, deceptively presented in an Associated Press article on February 28 as a lovable Democratic governor “reaching across the aisle” to do whatever she can to “minimize abortion;” the article even credits her with the 9% drop in abortions from 2002-2007.

As she now takes center stage, it is important that pro-lifers pull back the curtain and allow America an unfiltered look at what really went on in Kansas under the watch of Governor Sebelius in the state known as “the abortion capital of the world.”

Sebelius is arguably the best friend to the abortion industry of all our country’s governors. She has proven during her tenure that it is possible to have abortion restrictions on the books while simultaneously preventing their enforcement. As governor, she made prevention of enforcement and protection of the abortion business a top priority. When former Attorney General Phill Kline became the first prosecutor in the nation to file criminal cases based on redacted abortion records from infamous late term abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood, Sebelius swung into action to prevent him from ever gaining a conviction.

The governor is widely praised for her supposed concern for the safety of Kansas children. Yet under the cover of providing free healthcare to needy children in Kansas, an open court record shows one 18-month period under her watch where over 120 young children had abortions. Yet the state’s child welfare agency has records of just 4 or 5 reports from abortion clinics of potentially related abuse. Kline’s investigation centered on this discrepancy — if a 13 year-old girl has an abortion, she has been sexually abused by law because she is too young to give her consent in a sexual relationship. Sebelius sides with the abortion clinics, who are huge donors to her Blue Stem Political Action Committee. Motivated by the massive revenues they get from performing as many abortions as possible, they don’t want government investigators having a look behind the curtains of an abortion clinic.

Sebelius and her allies in the state fought Kline’s investigation every step of the way. They knew that a criminal conviction by Kline would expose the criminal actions of the abortion industry across the country and jeopardize all federal funding nationwide.

Having now appointed four of the seven justices on the Kansas Supreme Court, Sebelius’s court became the primary impediment to justice in both the prosecution of George Tiller and by slowing Kline’s case and silencing the only key witness (District Court Judge Paul Anderson) who can testify on the felony charges in the prosecution of the 107 criminal charges Kline filed against Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood in Kansas City.

Amazingly, five different judges have reviewed Kline’s cases and found probable cause that crimes have been committed by both Tiller and Planned Parenthood. Yet just two days before the President nominated her to HHS, Sebelius’ almighty Supreme Court turned the tables and manufactured an investigation of Phill Kline, threatening to take away his law license. Why? Some believe it was because his bold enforcement of the law in Kansas was holding up her nomination. But no one doubts he dared to hold Sebelius’s abortion industry allies accountable to the law. There lies the real reason for the 9% drop in the abortion rate that she claims credit for.

Sebelius is the exact radical pro-abortion ally that Planned Parenthood spent good money on to get where she now will be influencing healthcare and other critical aspects of our lives on a national level.

With Sebelius’ ties to notorious late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller and her consistent decisions to put the interests of the abortion industry above the safety of families, the Governor has clearly indicated where her loyalties lie. She is bought and paid for by the abortion industry and President Obama is showing his true colors by continuing to serve up the culture of death in choosing the poster girl of the abortion industry to run an agency whose decisions will influence every aspect of our lives.

At the expense of women and children, I’d say Planned Parenthood is getting their money’s worth.