Which Dem Scored Lowest with the ACU?

As for the future of the Republican Party, David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU), is on tap to deliver an address to the National Press Club, discussing “the state of conservative activism” following the 2008 elections, previewing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that begins Thursday, and unveiling ACU’s annual ratings of Congress.

The latter is considered the gold standard for matching the conservative rhetoric of congressmen and senators against their records. Just for kicks (after all, they’ve taken control of Washington), let’s take a look at the ACU lifetime ratings for today’s top Democratic leaders, rated on a percentage scale of 1 to 100:

President Barack Obama: 8

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.: 14

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton: 9

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 3 (she scored a zero in 2005)

Former Vice President Al Gore: 9


“Has anyone noticed that it’s taking the president longer to select the White House dog than to pick his Cabinet?” writes column reader J. Griffin Crump of Alexandria, Virginia. “Could it be because he will feel obligated to keep the dog?”

The Democratic National Committee has a new political director, Clyde Williams, who previously served as senior policy adviser at the community-minded Clinton Foundation, vice president of the Center for American Progress (a think tank dedicated to exposing “the hollowness of conservative governing philosophy”) and deputy chief of staff at the Agriculture Department.


“That’s right, ‘Joe The Plumber’, ‘Joe The War Correspondent’, ‘Joe The Beltway Reporter’, and now ‘Joe The Author’ is coming to your city for a book signing!” proclaims the publicist of a new book by Joe Wurzelbacher.

After all, as his fan Sean Hannity of Fox News says, “He is truly a great American.”

Now that “change” has come to Washington, New York Rep. Jerrold Nadler says “in 2009 we should be ready as a society to acknowledge that stable American families come in all varieties.”

“Because the U.S. does not legally recognize [homosexual] couples and their children as families, many same-sex binational couples are subsequently torn apart,” complains the Democrat. “Any committed couple deserves the potential to form a life and a family together … and whether that couple is gay or straight should be irrelevant.”


Homosexual, bisexual and transgender adults will be boarding the good ship Spirit of Mount Vernon to attend the prom on Saturday, March 7.

Tickets are $50 and include “a moonlit cruise along the Potomac River, heavy hors d’oeuvres, music and dancing, a silent auction, prom photos, voting for prom king and queen, an after-party … and other memorable moments.” The event will benefit the local nonprofit organization One in Ten.

The 6-foot-1 President Obama received much ink recently after he accidentally banged his head on the low doorway of Marine One as the chopper prepared to depart the White House.

Former Rep. Martin Lancaster, North Carolina Democrat, is the newest senior adviser at Dawson & Associates, a top environmental lobbying firm in Washington. Once upon a time, Mr. Lancaster was appointed by President Clinton to be the U.S. Army’s assistant secretary for Civil Works (overseeing the Corps of Engineers), and like Mr. Obama he grew accustomed to ducking into helicopters.

“This hotel happened to have pools and fountains that did not have any fences, borders or anything to keep people out of the water – just level marble with pool openings. He was so engrossed in telling me what a great office he had that he walked straight into the pool,” recalls Mr. Lancaster.


“ALG News reported, mistakenly, that the new CIA Director, Leon Panetta, had a daughter that was associated with the dictators of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. In fact, as reported by Accuracy in Media, Mr. Panetta has no daughter.”

It’s doubtful that newly appointed CIA Director Leon Panetta, the father of three grown sons, was surprised by the sloppy reporting of a rumor that he has a daughter who likes to hang out with Latin American dictators.

“When I was first elected to Congress, my father said I was perfectly suited for Washington because I’ve always worked around nuts,” he pointed out.