Scoring Obama's First Address to Congress

For those of us planning on keeping track of the big government, big spending proposals in President Obama’s first address to Congress tonight, here’s the key:

Start with $3.6 trillion.  Add from there.

$3.6 trillion is the total amount of new debt that Washington politicians have made taxpayers responsible for thanks to the Bush-Obama big spending, big government, big politician approach to fixing the economy.

Add up all the Bush and Obama spending and stimulus bills of the last year, plus the interest on the debt that they create and that’s (conservatively) what you come up with.

$3.6 trillion.  That’s real money, even in Washington,.

More Politician-Engineered, Washington-Centered Power Grabs To Come

And Washington is just getting started.

Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), the chairman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, calls last week’s mammoth $787 billion spending bill “stimulus No. 1.” 

In other words, there are more politician-engineered, Washington-centered power grabs yet to come.

Of course, President Obama has been talking a lot about “fiscal responsibility” lately.

But talk is just talk if it is not matched by deeds.  Tonight we will find out if the mountain of debt our children and grandchildren are inheriting will get even higher.  Every American who’s concerned about the jobs and prosperity that we are in the process of robbing from future generations of Americans should tune in.  And pay close attention.

Tonight, Watch For How Many Times the President Calls For Even More Spending

The most important thing you can do tonight is to watch the speech and keep track of how many times President Obama calls for even more spending and even bigger government.

Remember, start with recently added $3.6 trillion debt as your baseline, and then add from there.

I will be keeping count, and I urge you to keep count also.  We’ll be live-blogging the speech at tonight starting at 8:45pm ET.  You can join in by pre-registering at

Next week I’ll report on the list.  For now, what follows are some other critical areas to watch in the speech tonight.

Where’s the Accountability?

President Obama has promised a “level of transparency and accountability never before seen in Washington.”  He’s even lectured the nation’s governors and mayors on being “responsible” in spending the billions that the federal taxpayers are sending them. 

But who really believes that politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, Sacramento and Detroit will spend all this money wisely and responsibly?  And who’s really keeping track?  If you find examples of waste, fraud and abuse in spending the taxpayers’ stimulus money, let us know at

Does Obama Call For Healthcare Change That Will Save Lives and Save Money?

President Obama is right –we need real change in our healthcare system. But will he call for change that’s government-centric or patient-centric?  Will he have the courage to reform government programs that are wasting healthcare dollars?

For instance, outright fraud — criminal activity — accounts for as much as 10 percent of all healthcare spending, more than $200 billion every year. Medicare alone could account for as much as $40 billion a year. The Center for Health Transformation is actively working with government and industry officials so that this level of theft and crime can be detected, eliminated, and then prevented with the right kind of electronic resources.

Will Obama Increase the Cost of Energy?

President Obama apparently vetoed his Transportation Secretary’s proposal to tax Americans on the miles they drive, but will he propose another way — directly or indirectly — to increase the price of energy?

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has signaled its intention to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant, a move which will dramatically increase the costs of driving your car, heating your home, and manufacturing products — anything, in other words, that produces carbon dioxide.

Americans profoundly disagree with this approach to protecting our environment.  According to American Solutions, by a margin of 79 to 15 we believe that we can solve our environmental challenges faster and cheaper with innovation and new technology rather than more government regulation.  Tonight, be on the watch for big government coercion disguised as environmentalism.

Does Obama Talk About Creating Jobs, Rewarding Work and Encouraging Savings and Investment?

President Obama has promised to devote much of his remarks this evening to the economy.  But will it be more talk of more government, more power for politicians and more make-work for bureaucrats?

Or will he propose real measures to let Americans keep more of what they earn and encourage small businesses to be created and grow?  Will President Obama continue to reward irresponsible economic activity, or will he propose ways to incentivize the hard work and individual responsibility that built America?

So far, over 50,000 Americans have endorsed American Solutions’ alternative economic plan, 12 American Solutions for Jobs and Prosperity.  If you haven’t already, go to to read the plan and let us know if it’s the kind of change you’re ready for.

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