Stop Fedzilla

Granted, I’m just a hyperactive, over-souled greasy Motown guitar slayer, but is it really too much to ask for and expect the truth and demand accountability from those who represent and work for us? I have a few suggestions.

How about, for starters:

  • Have the IRS to conduct an audit of overt tax cheats such as Treasury Secretary Geithner, former U.S. Senator Daschle, and Rep. Rangel.
  • Force our Congress critters to actually read the 800 billion dollar Fedzilla Spending Bill before voting on the most expensive piece of legislation in our nation’s history. The Heritage Foundation has calculated this mess will cost us over three trillion dollars over the next ten years.
  • Have some member of the press (at least one of them who can actually get close enough) ask President Obama if he is willing to borrow and spend another trillion of taxpayer dollars on another Porkosarus Spending bill if the current Porkosarus Spending bill fails to do much of anything.
  • For the entire Republican delegation on Capital Hill to demand the Three Stooges (Republican Senators Specter, Snowe and Collins) leave the Republican Party and shun them altogether until they do.
  • Have the Fedzillacrats provide the most fundamental oversight and control of the financial institutions who were given $350 billion of our tax dollars in TARP funds.

And there are a few other questions worth asking and demanding answers to, such as why an American citizen in good standing who has turned over 12,000 illegal aliens from Mexico to our Border Patrol can be sued in an American court for thirty million dollars by illegal alien invaders from Mexico?

How in God’s name could the Security Exchange Commission (aka Keystone Cops) fail to nab a $50 billion Ponzi schemer when the Keystone Cops were specifically told by a financial expert that Bernie "Ponzi" Madoff was a bandit?

Why did none of our overpaid Fedzillacrats or the Obama media sychophants pay any attention to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office who reported the stimulus bill will hurt the economy more in the long run than if we did nothing?

Why is the American taxpayer being forced to pay $30 million taxpayer bucks to protect the endangered salt marsh harvest mouse — that’s right, a mouse — that lives in the San Francisco Bay area (which is the congressional district of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi)?

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, we can surely all admit that Fedzilla is on the rampage, running amok, out of control, destroying everything in its bloated, unaccountable, ineffective path. We the people had best get cracking and turn up the heat right now, or Fedzilla will eat the American Dream and all her Dreamers like the cannibalistic pig it is.