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One sports list that A-Rod doesn't top...


Top 10 Athlete-Politicians

One sports list that A-Rod doesn’t top…

1. Jim Bunning
Hall of Fame pitcher won 224 games and pitched a no-hitter in each league.
Republican senator from Kentucky since 1999.

2. Bill Bradley
10-year Hall of Fame basketball career.
Three-term Democratic senator from New Jersey.

3. Steve Largent
Hall of Fame wide-receiver with the Seattle Seahawks.
Elected to four terms in House of Representatives as an Oklahoma Republican.

4. Jack Kemp
10-term New York GOP congressman, George H.W. Bush’s secretary of HUD, vice presidential candidate.
Played quarterback in the NFL for 13 seasons and was league MVP in 1965.

5. Jim Ryun
Olympic mile runner.
Six-term Republican congressmen from Kansas.

6. J.C. Watts
Two-time Orange Bowl MVP with the University of Oklahoma and quarterback in the Canadian Football League for six years.
Oklahoma Republican congressmen for four terms.

7. Wilmer “Vinegar Bend” Mizell
Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets.
Served three terms as a Republican congressman from North Carolina.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Mr. Olympia World champion bodybuilder.
Governor of California.

9. Gerald Ford
All American football center at University of Michigan.
GOP House minority leader, Vice President and President of the United States.

10. Bob Mathias
A two-time Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon (1948 and 1952).
Served in the House from 1967-1975 as a Republican representing the 18th
congressional district of California.

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